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Party games. Category of titles that put emphasis on multiplayer mode and interactions between people playing in the same room. Party games are usually collections of arcade minigames. The most popular titles from this genre are such series as Rock Band or SingStar. more

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Just Dance 2017 (Switch)
Just Dance 2017 (Switch)

Party 03 March 2017

The next installment in the popular series of dancing games developed by Ubisoft. The series allows the player to feel like the professional pop dancers who accompany the greatest stars on the top scenes of the world. In Just Dance 2017 the basic gameplay mechanics remained unchanged in comparison to the previous entries in the franchise. During the game the player must repeat the movements of the dancers displayed on the screen and the system (which, depending on the gaming platform employs different controls) will grade performance and technique. The game, as usually, is filled with licensed hits of such performers as Queen, Shakira, will.i.am, David Guetta, Sia, Justin Bieber and PSY. It is worth mentioning that Just Dance 2017 is the first installment of the series that was released also on personal computers.