7 Days to Die

A post-apocalyptic sandbox FPS developed by a debuting indie studio The Fun Pimps. The game takes you to a near future, when a nuclear war allowed a dangerous virus to spread across the entire world. The virus kills its victims in 7 days, as the title suggests, and turns them into bloodthirsty zombies. You play as one of the few not infected people, fighting for survival in Navezgane County, Arizona. 7 Days to Die allows you to freely explore its open world, adjusting the story to your actions. To help you survive in this hostile environment, the game introduces a well-developed crafting system that lets you gather food and resources to make useful tools and fix or upgrade your hideouts. The authors prepared a campaign for solo players, as well as a score of online modes, both competitive and cooperative.

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PC / Windows
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7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die | PC

7 Days to Die release date for PC:

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TBA | Worldwide

TBA | Europe


16 August 2013 | Early access

Pre-order and access the game in its current form: https://7daystodie.com/buy/

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Expectations: 8.3 / 10 calculated out of 443 players' votes.  

7 Days to Die is a sandbox FPS set in post-apocalyptic world, released for PC / Windows. It is the debut project of The Fun Pimps Entertainment studio.


The game takes place in the near future, after the nuclear war of 2034 led to the almost complete annihilation of human civilization. To make things worse, many of the survivors were infected by a virus that kills the within seven days of infection and then changes its carriers into zombies. Players take on the role of member of a group of survivors trying to get by in the fictional American county of Navezgane. Its name comes from the language of one of the Apache tribes and means “Killer of Monsters”, and that’s exactly our new profession.


7 Days to Die for PC / Windows is set in an open-world environment, consisting in large part of voxels. The game enables you to destroy most of the environment, employing a complex physics engine, which calculates the durability of every object. One of the game's positive qualities is the wide variety of locations: we explore e.g. towns, forests, deserts, and mountains. It is praiseworthy that the players can enter every building they encounter.

The game’s world is inhabited not only by zombies – more often than note we will also have to deal with mutants, with hunger and thirst being equally deadly enemies. Survival is made easier thanks to the crafting system that has the players search for resources and allows them to create new items. All presented in an intuitive way, rendering online guides unnecessary. There is also the option of fixing and upgrading existing buildings. The gameplay is enriched with RPG features which enable you to develop your character’s skills.

Game modes

When it comes to plot, the game provides us with a system that adjusts the story to our actions, always giving us something to do. Aside from single player, the game features online modes – both cooperative and competitive.

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7 Days to Die prealpha gameplay

7 Days to Die prealpha gameplay | 2:01

Trailer pokazuje rozgrywkę z wersji pre-alfa gry 7 Days to Die. Tytuł ten łączy walkę z zombie, typową dla shooterów FPP, z elementami survivalowymi w otwartym, w pełni modyfikowalnym świecie na bazie voxeli.