Impact Winter

A survival-themed action-adventure game developed by the British studio Mojo Bones. Impact Winter is set in 2018, when the Earth's atmosphere got polluted with a dense layer of dust, due to the planet's collision with a huge asteroid. Sunlight is now almost completely absent, and the player assumes the role of Jacob Solomon, who along with four other survivors has to sustain his existence under extreme conditions for 30 days - it is the amount of time the rescue team needs to reach the place. Mechanics-wise, Impact Winter is an action-adventure game that focuses on survival-related elements. The player sets out for on escapades, scavenging after the food and supplies they need. In order to stay alive, the protagonist has to survive in low temperatures, as well as to deal with the risks of dying of hunger, thirst, frostbite or injury; also, aggressive animals pose a large threat to Jacob's life. Thus making use of the available skills in order to craft the items we need is the key to success in this game.

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PC / Windows
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Impact Winter

Impact Winter | PC

Impact Winter release date for PC:

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23 May 2017 | Worldwide

23 May 2017 | Europe

23 May 2017 | USA

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 9.2 / 10 calculated out of 2 players' votes.  

Impact Winter for PC / Windows is a survival action game featuring RPG elements and created by Mojo Bones – a British developer popular mainly for mobile projects, such as the well-received The Curse or The Voyage.


Impact Winter is set in 2018 and the game's vision on the future world is far from positivity. The Earth's collision with a huge asteroid led to a global catastrophe – the atmosphere of the planet was polluted by a dense dust, which prevents sunlight from reaching the surface. As a result, temperatures went dramatically low on the entire planet, which's surface was covered with a thick layer of snow.

Jacob Solomon is the protagonist. Along with four other survivors, he must sustain his existence in these harsh conditions. At the beginning, Ako-Light (the protagonist's robot) receives a transmission with a message saying that help is on the way, but it will take 30 days for the rescue team to reach the place. The player's goal is to maintain the group of survivors alive for long enough to see them coming.


Impact Winter for PC / Windows is an action-adventure game which focuses on survival-related elements. A church serves the role of the player's base here – the protagonist sets out for scavenging escapades (after food and supplies) from this place. The other four survivors never leave the shelter and their behaviour is controlled by the AI. Simultaneously, each of the characters has a set of unique abilities, thus making use of them regularly is crucial for survival.

Staying alive in Impact Winter is not easy. Jacob has to manage in low temperatures and deals constantly with the risks of dying of hunger, thirst, getting frostbites, as well as getting injured. The protagonist encounters dangerous animals on his way; although Jacob is not unarmed, fighting is challenging here and each bullet is priceless. Also, the player has to care about the group, because the survivors' morale can decrease.

The in-game crafting system makes it easier for the player to survive. Here, the skills of particular survivors are used for construction of new items. The player is capable of upgrading the base, as well as the robot, which is the protagonist's helping hand during the escapades. Impact Winter was designed in such a way that it dynamically generates another story with each playthrough - this consists of both the player's decisions and numerous random events.

Impact Winter trailer #2

Impact Winter trailer #2 | 1:48

Zwiastun Impact Winter, osadzonej w mroźnych, postapokaliptycznych lokacjach survivalowej gry akcji z elementami RPG. Opracowało ją brytyjskie studio Mojo Bones.