Ragnarok Journey

Ragnarok Journey is a browser MMORPG developed by Gravity Interactive, being heavily inspired by Ragnarok Online. The game takes us to a fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology. We learn the story by doing quests and talking to various NPCs. In terms of gameplay mechanics Ragnarok Journey is a typical MMORPG, where, after we create our character, we explore the game's vast world, do quests, collect items and equipment, and develop our hero. We can level up manually or leave that element to the game's A.I. Combat is an inseparable element of the game. We will face many various opponents against whom we can use range weapons, cold-steel weapons, and magic. We can create our own guilds and do quests with other players.

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Ragnarok Journey

Ragnarok Journey | WWW

Ragnarok Journey release date for WWW:

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27 March 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: massive online multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet

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age requirements: everyone