Shenmue II

Microsoft Xbox
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Shenmue II

Shenmue II | XBOX

RPG, TPP, classic RPG

Companies responsible for Shenmue II

SEGA | game developer

Microsoft Studios | publisher   Official website

Shenmue II release date for XBOX:

game language:

28 October 2002 | Worldwide

21 March 2003 | Europe PAL

28 October 2002 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single player , size: 1 DVD
Game score 8.9 / 10 calculated out of 205 players' votes.  

Shenmue II starts when Ryo disembarks from the ship in Hong Kong. Ryo's first priority is to meet Lishao Tao, and the only clue is a letter of introduction given by Master Chen, who took Ryo's departure to Hong Kong. Ryo starts seeking the clue of Lishao Tao in the Aberdeen section. But all of the sudden, his bag was stolen. And the mysterious mirror, the Phoenix mirror is inside that bag!

Can Ryo get the mirror back? Can Ryo meet Lishao Tao?!

Shenmue II covers the huge volume of the story (from Chapter 2 to Chapter 6) and let you step into 4 different worlds. Aberdeen is the port that the construction of the British style of Hong Kong built and located in a line. Wanchai is the place where has busy shopping quarters, and history/tradition coexist. Kowloon, a lawless area, is also called Eastern Den. Guilin is the place where mountain fields are grand and rich in ups and downs, and blue Lijiang is beautiful.

The first Shenmue was just the beginning. Explore and live in the new world of Shenmue!

Ten times the area to explore... Travel 4 vast locales to meet the dramatic adventure.

Three times more characters than the first Shenmue... Some people will be nice to you, but some people may attack you. Roam the detailed maps, talk to the citizens, and enjoy the quest.

There are some new game systems featured in Shenmue II such as Action Selector and Chase (Follow) Mode. Those systems are friendly and easily understood.

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Age Rating

age requirements: 12+