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Digger Simulator 2011 [PC]

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Genre: Simulation

Developer: Astragon

Publisher: astragon Software

Release Date(s)

10 September 2010 Worldwide

10 September 2010 Europe

Game Mode(s) single player

Official Website

Dig for pay dirt and form your own civil engineering company. You will be starting modestly with small wheel loaders but success is in the soil! As your skills and reputation increase grow your business with the purchase of a huge selection of equipment including the heavy road roller!

Before you can start shovelling the cash, you really need to become proficient with your tools as you explore a uniquely modelled ground system complete with different layers of soil, earth and embedded materials. All of your digging is supported by fully realistic physics, including the effects of dredging, pushing and compacting the ground beneath your equipment.

Compare your success with your friends using the high score table or just enjoy yourself in the free play mode. Whatever your choice, scrape below the surface of Digger Simulator 2011 and discover an unparalleled depth of challenges!


Wide variety of equipment/vehicles

Unique ground system with different layers of earth / earth materials

Physically realistic material behavior during dredging, pushing, compacting, concreting etc.

Challenging tasks and missions

Optional Game Controller


System requirements

Recommended: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 256 MB (GeForce FX 5200 or better), 1.4 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7

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