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Pocket Legends [WWW]

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Genre: RPG

Developer: Spacetime Studios

Publisher: Spacetime Studios

Release Date(s)

22 December 2011 Worldwide

22 December 2011 Europe PAL

22 December 2011 USA NTSC

Game Mode(s) massive online multiplayer

multiplayer: Internet

Official Website

Pocket Legends is a Mobile Massively Multiplayer Game. It is a 3d online role-playing game where you can join thousands of players from around the world. Play with your friends and make new friends online. Cooperate to undertake wild adventures in endless dungeon campaigns!

Play with anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Once upon a time, the Elf Queen of ‘Alterra’ called upon animal heroes from every corner of the realm to take arms and save the kingdom from the forces of evil. With zombies spilling out of their tombs, treacherous mercenaries running amok in the castle, yetis stinking up the ice caves, demons, giant skeletons and crabby crocodiles... it’ll be no easy task!

Become a part of this unique animal fantasy epic!

•Assume the role of a powerful bear-like Ursan Warrior, master of all bladed weapons.

•Become an Avian Archer, an agile hunter and marksman, expert with the bow.

•Follow the path of the Elf Enchantress, able to command all of nature’s great and terrible power.


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