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Starbound [PC]

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Genre: Action

Developer: Chucklefish

Publisher: Chucklefish

Release Date(s)

2016 Worldwide

2016 Europe

2016 USA

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: Internet

Official Website

Starbound is an ambitious exploration game that combines a sanbox platform game with strong strategic elements. This is the debut production of Chucklefish, an independent studio founded by Tiyuri'ego who is one of the creators of the cult Terrarii.

Starbound offers both storyline missions and typical sandbox, unrestricted space exploration. The game controls resemble a traditional two-dimensional platform game, but it offers much more than just hopping blocks. The authors have offered a great freedom of actions and the players are free to choose which planet they want to visit. What is interesting, the surface is generated procedurally. The system controlling it not only determines the shape of the terrain, but also the weather, gravity, difficulty of vegetation, and the appearance and the habits of the local animals. As a result, each location offers something new.

The game allows you to play solo or in co-operation mode with your friends. There are also competing modes available. Each generated planet has its own unique code, which we can share with the entire community of players and thus enable them to explore it. There is also the option of making any planet our home. After doing that, completely new possibilites open up before the player, among which we find terramorfing of the area, erecting structures (e.g. weather control center), and bringing colonists who are, in fact, previously met characters. Of course, the people of our new home have their own needs and do not hesitate to ask us for help in satisfying them.

Starbound PC players' expectations: 9.3 / 10 calculated from 776 players' votes.

Starbound E3 2014 - trailer

Starbound E3 2014 - trailer [1:09]


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colony update


Video Starbound

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Video Starbound

winter update

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