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Knight Rider [PC]

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Genre: Arcade

Developer: Davilex

Publisher: Deep Silver / Koch Media

Release Date(s)

22 November 2002 Worldwide

14 April 2005 Europe

Game Mode(s) single player

Official Website

Step into the world of the most popular TV series of the 1980's and get behind the wheel of the world's most advanced super car. Knight Industry Two Thousand, better known as KITT, is back! And this time you're the boss.

Fight crime in the most technologically advanced automobile of all time, but not without:

Turbo Boost

Super Pursuit Mode

Ski Mode

Micro Jammers

Night Vision

Scan Mode

Try out all KITT's features. Scan buildings to seek out your enemy. Follow enemy helicopters. Defy the laws of nature, escaping, for example, on two wheels in Ski Mode.

Are you fast enough for the 21st century? Show your Knight Rider skills in 10 original missions and 15 first class, action-packed tracks. Settle old scores with KITT's evil twin brother KARR and his fiendish mastermind Garth!

Experience exiting new adventures and meet a host of well-known faces, such as:




Michael Knight




Welcome back to the 1980's! Who doesn't know these famous words?


Knight Rider PC game score 4.7 / 10 calculated from 258 players' votes.

System requirements

Recommended: Processor Pentium III 500MHz, 64 MB RAM, 100 MB HDD

Downloads for Knight Rider [PC]

Knight Rider - GAME DEMO GAME DEMO - 116.4 MB

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