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PayDay 2 [PC]

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PayDay: The Heist 2

Genre: Action

Developer: OVERKILL Software

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date(s)

13 August 2013 Worldwide

13 August 2013 Europe

13 August 2013 USA

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: Internet number of players 1-4

Official Website

“Payday 2” is a cooperative FPS, a continuation of the successful production from 2011. The game, just as the previous part, was developed by Stockholm-based Overkill Software studio.

Players are the members of a gang. The action takes place in Washington and the story focuses on a series of dangerous orders received via CRIMENET system. The missions involve to up to four players. The game offers a number of different types of tasks; apart from robberies there are kidnapping and drug smuggling. Playable characters are divided into four specializations (Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost and Technician). Each class has its own skill tree and can use special equipment.

The gameplay of “Payday 2” is focused on co-operation – you must work closely with your gang colleagues to success. Guards, police officers, FBI agents, SWAT and other criminals will try to stop you. Repetitive tasks are not boring as every time they somehow differ. It is brought by the randomness of events and location of opponents controlled by AI. The shopping before the mission has an impact on the gameplay as well. You can buy codes that open the door or secure a quick escape from the crime scene with a helicopter. Compared to the previous part, the game’s AI has been significantly improved. Enemies are now more demanding and use smart strategies. Complete the missions to receive additional equipment. The game includes a system to modify your arms and clothing.

PayDay 2 PC game score 8.2 / 10 calculated from 748 players' votes.

System requirements

Recommended: Quad Core i5 2.3 GHz, 3 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB (GeForce GTX 460 or better), 10 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7/8

PayDay 2 trailer

PayDay 2 trailer [0:35]


Video PayDay 2

Alesso Heist DLC - teaser


Video PayDay 2

Butcher's Western Pack DLC - trailer


Video PayDay 2

web series - episode #1

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PayDay 2 - WALLPAPER #1 WALLPAPER - 602.4 KB

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PayDay 2 - WALLPAPER #2 WALLPAPER - 646.9 KB


PayDay 2 - WALLPAPER #4 WALLPAPER - 221.3 KB

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