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Fieldrunners 2 [PC]

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Genre: Strategy

Developer: Subatomic Studios

Publisher: Subatomic Studios

Release Date(s)

09 January 2013 Worldwide

09 January 2013 Europe

09 January 2013 USA

Game Mode(s) single player

Official Website

System requirements Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB (GeForce 9800 GTX or better), 550 MB HDD, Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/7

The massive sequel to the award winning tower defense game, Fieldrunners, introduces more levels, more weapons, more enemies, and more ways to play. With all that content, Fieldrunners 2 is slated to be the ultimate tower defense experience!


-25 unique, hand painted levels spanning 4 distinct zones across Fieldrunners Island

-Over 20 weapons to choose from at the start of each level

-Face waves of fieldrunners that navigate the battlefield with unparalleled realistic swarming behavior

-Multi-storied maps route enemies over bridges, under tunnels, and into trenches

-Revolutionary “Hybrid Maps” combine the fun of designing mazes with the challenges of fixed path layouts

-Sudden Death maps pit players against never ending hordes of enemies in an all new, action packed levels

-Puzzle Maps are bonus levels that put players’ understanding of enemy behaviors to the test

-Over 30 different enemy types, including elite enemy units with special attacks and rewards

-Powerful items allow players to perform precision based attacks like never before


Fieldrunners 2 trailer #1

Fieldrunners 2 trailer #1 [1:31]

Downloads for Fieldrunners 2 [PC]

Fieldrunners 2 - GAME TRAINER Money Trainer GAME TRAINER - 3.6 MB

Fieldrunners 2 - GAME TRAINER v1.1 +3 Trainer GAME TRAINER - 3.3 MB

Fieldrunners 2 - GAME TRAINER v1.0 +4 Trainer #2 GAME TRAINER - 3.6 MB

Fieldrunners 2 - GAME TRAINER +4 Trainer GAME TRAINER - 3 MB

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