After Reset [PC]

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Richard Nixon's After Reset

Genre: RPG

Developer: Black Cloud Studios

Release Date(s)

2016 Worldwide

2016 Europe

2016 USA

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: Internet number of players 1-4

Official Website

After Reset™ - a classic roleplaying open word game with old school top view, which action takes place in the future on Earth dying slowly after nuclear cataclysm that buried nearly all life on the planet.

Planet Earth. 132 years after the Reset, the thermonuclear apocalypse which ended human civilization. Around one third of the globe is covered by Yellow Zones, where the ruins of cities are covered with radioactive dust. In these areas, Anarchist Survivor groups have taken control, and uncontaminated food and drinking water are valued at parity with human life. Another third of the Earth is in the agony of the Red Zones, the epicenters of the deadly anomalies which arose as a result of a nuclear chain reaction in the atmosphere, and the morphing of the planet. The majority of terrestrial organisms are not capable of surviving in the Red Zones, which makes it a perfect home for mutants and guests from deep space. The planet is unrecognizable and empty…


After Reset PC players' expectations: 8.9 / 10 calculated from 27 players' votes.

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