Gas Guzzlers Extreme [PC]

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Genre: Racing

Developer: Gamepires

Publisher: Iceberg Interactive

Release Date(s)

08 October 2013 Worldwide

08 October 2013 Europe

08 October 2013 USA

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: Internet

Official Website

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is fast, furious and armed to the teeth: lead-foot-trigger-happy shooter shifted into the 5th gear! Itís a fast-paced addictive combat racing game that features many different vehicles, weapons, upgrades, on-track bonuses as well as distinctive environments. Players starts with low performance vehicles and gradually works his way up by earning money in a series of challenging races.

Categories, tracks and vehicles are unlocked as player progresses throughout the game. Along with developing his driving and fighting skills, player has to invest his hard earned money wisely to grab the chance for driving on the road to glory.


Gas Guzzlers Extreme PC game score 7.8 / 10 calculated from 131 players' votes.

System requirements

Recommended: Core i5 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB (GeForce GTX 560 or better), 12 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Gas Guzzlers Extreme gameplay trailer

Gas Guzzlers Extreme gameplay trailer [2:30]

Downloads for Gas Guzzlers Extreme [PC]

Gas Guzzlers Extreme - GAME TRAINER v1.0 +6 TRAINER GAME TRAINER - 3.4 MB

Gas Guzzlers Extreme - GAME TRAINER v1.0 +1 Trainer GAME TRAINER - 339.7 KB

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