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Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness [PC]

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Genre: Adventure

Developer: Sierra Studios

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment Inc.

Release Date(s)

10 December 1993 Worldwide

Game Mode(s) single player

A fun-filled adventure where YOU make the rules!

Dark magic has drawn you to Mordavia. Undead creatures walk the forest by night; everyone you meet seems strange and uneasy. It's up to you to make friends, influence people, and unravel the mysteries of the Dark One - all before breakfast. Shadows of Darkness cover the land; it's time to be a Hero again!

* Create your own character, choosing a Fighter, Magic User, or a Thief. Puzzles, combat, and obstacles change according to your character type and development.

* Start fresh or import your character from Quest for Glory I, II, or III.

* Fight monsters with a sophisticated new battle system that lets you choose skill level and combat type - from pure strategy to adrenaline-pumping, thumb-twitching arcade action.

* Unravel A LOT of puzzles - nearly three times as many as found in other adventure games

System requirements

Recommended: PC 386 25MHz, 4MB RAM, VGA

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