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Michael Schumacher World Tour Kart 2004 [PC]

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Genre: Racing

Developer: 10tacle Studios

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date(s)

22 April 2004 Worldwide

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: local network / Internet number of players 1 - 10

Official Website

Relive the start of the F1 Star Michael Schumacherís career. Experience the atmosphere of the best international kart tracks first hand and challenge drivers from all over the world to compete against you online.

Kart is the ultimate 3D kart simulation with 3 different race classes and karts, 17 tracks and a realistic driving experience.

The way the kart handles has been programmed to recreate the tense and fast driving style found in real kart racing. The driving experience is similar to the real kart tracks, where the difficulty of courses and opposition you face is continuously increasing. Online ranking allows you to compare your performance with that of other drivers and the online multiplayer mode even allows you to beat them face to face!

Choose your racing outfit, the colour and design of your kart, the name of your racing driver and much more. Create your very own racing ace!

Learn how to drive your kart in realistic conditions and follow the footsteps of the legendary Michael Schumacher. You can train and improve your abilities as you progress through the different tracks and classes.


* Experience driving realistic karts on 17 tracks around the world.

* Unlock new tracks and the more difficult faster classes by beating skilled AI competitors.

* Take your kart for a fast spin in the Quick Race mode or practice your skills in Practise Mode with a ghost feature.

* Take your earned karts and tracks to find new challenges online or challenge your friends in a LAN race.

* Show off your best Lap and Track times in an online ranking on the gameís website.


System requirements

Recommended: CPU AMD/Intel 600MHz, 128MB RAM, graphic card 32MB, 250MB hdd, Windows 98/ME/2K/XP, Direct-X 9.0b

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Michael Schumacher World Tour Kart 2004 - GAME DEMO GER GAME DEMO - 47.6 MB

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