Save the Lemmings [PC]

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Genre: Puzzle

Developer: DMA Design

Publisher: Psygnosis

Release Date(s)

04 August 1991 Worldwide

Game Mode(s) single player

Save the Lemmings is a unique and rare demo version of the cult Lemmings by DMA Design and Psygnosis. It contains 8 levels never seen before.

Much like in the original game, the player’s task is to direct the lemmings from point A to point B safely. The terrain becomes an obstacle that needs to be properly modified. Each of the lemmings may be assigned one out of eight activities: climbing, falling from height using an umbrella, auto destruction, stopping other lemmings, building bridges, as well as digging in three directions. Each of these skills has limited uses for a given level. The ability of using them well is the key to success. It is essential to remember that the time is also limited, and a given number of lemmings must get to the exit to successfully beat the level.

Save the Lemmings contains 16 levels divided into 4 difficulty levels (similarly to the original Lemmings). Each of these is protected with a password, thanks to which the player doesn't have to start playing from scratch every time he launches the game. The audiovisual layer is based on Oh No! More Lemmings in its entirety, and therefore it uses the same graphics and sounds of the full version.

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