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Ski Jump Challenge 2005

Skoki narciarskie 2005 [PC]

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Genre: Sports

Developer: L'Art

Publisher: Dobra GRA

Release Date(s)

26 November 2004 Worldwide

26 November 2004 Europe

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: local network / Internet

Official Website

SKI JUMPING 2005: THIRD EDITON - This is a sports simulation game, providing both: fun and realism. Fun comes from arcade elements of the game and realism - from the perfect imitation of all the physical conditions influencing jumpers' performance. Gamers can play SKI JUMPING 2005 in many ways: take part in a single competition or tournament, lead one jumper throughout his career, or invite friends to a multiplayer game over LAN, Internet or even using only one computer - HOTSEAT mode.

Game features:

# realism of the gameplay - flight algorithms consulted with The Flight Institute engineers

# AAA+ game performance and solutions thanks to Renderware 3.7 engine by Criterion Software

# variety of visual effects (snow, rain, fog and outdoor light scattering, refractions, pixel and vertex shaders technology, particles system and much more) and 3D sound

# variety of game modes, providing entertainment for a long time

# up to 8 gamers can play the multiplayer mode

# 45 jumping hills on 26 terrains look as they do in reality, as they are being created using blueprints of the original arenas

# hills range includes K-90, K-120 and even K-185 jumping hills

# all hills in day and night modes

# several camera views

# replay center

# gamers can control jumper during all stages of a jump, even after landing

# complex and dynamic commentary system, including more than one thousand spoken sentences

# original rules of the competitions and tournament, including KO system at Four Hills Tournament

# complex, long-lasting and intriguing Career Mode

# 100 jumpers with their pre-set statistics

# random events during competition: competition cancelled due to poor weather conditions, jury deciding to move the starting bar up or down, etc.

# Tutorial Mode explaining jumping technique in all stages of a jump


Skoki narciarskie 2005 PC game score 7.1 / 10 calculated from 1275 players' votes.

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium 4 2.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, graphic card 128 MB, Windows 2000/XP

Downloads for Skoki narciarskie 2005 [PC]

Skoki narciarskie 2005 - GAME DEMO GAME DEMO - 44.3 MB

Skoki narciarskie 2005 - GAME PATCH v.1.0.1 GAME PATCH - 638 KB

Skoki narciarskie 2005 - VIDEO VIDEO - 23.8 MB

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