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Bolek i Lolek: Zwariowana Olimpiada [PC]

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Genre: Sports

Developer: Aidem Media

Publisher: Aidem Media

Release Date(s)

12 May 2004 Worldwide

12 May 2004 Europe

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: podzielony ekran number of players 1 - 8

Official Website

Here is an excellent sports game for the whole family! Become champions in funny and exceptional sports!

Everything is crazy in this programme! Cool bag throw, bag race, shooting with pips, Power Hammer hit, wrestling in snowsuits, walk with buckets and reflex test. You will see the secrets of other events in the game!

Waiting for you are fourteen crazy games and events you won't find anywhere else! THIS AND THAT THROW, ROLLER SKATES RACE, STRANGE SHOOTING RANGE, DARTS, BAG RACE, POWER HAMMER, RACING CARS, WALKING WITH BUCKETS, BOUNCE IT YOURSELF, REFLEX CHAMPION, CRYSTAL BALLS, FUNNY WRESTLING, TUG-OF-WAR, DUEL ON A TREE TRUNK There are as many as eight characters to choose from. You can decide if you want to be Bennie, Lennie or Tola.

The training mode will let you find out about the rules of each event and achieve the champion's level in it! When you get to the champion's level in the training, you can compete with other players in the Olympic mode.

The game can be played by two to eight players! Invite your brother and sister, mum, dad and friends! Let the best one win!

We will also record your BEST RESULTS!


System requirements

Recommended: Pentium 166 Mhz, 32MB RAM, Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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