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Resident Evil 4 [PS2]

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Genre: Adventure

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Release Date(s)

25 October 2005 Worldwide

04 November 2005 Europe PAL

25 October 2005 USA NTSC

Game Mode(s) single player

Official Website

Resident Evil® 4 marks a terrifying new chapter in the world renowned Resident Evil® series. Players rejoin Leon S. Kennedy, six years after his first mission as a rookie cop from Resident Evil® 2. Now as a U.S. agent, Leon is on a top-secret mission to investigate the disappearance of the President’s daughter and has made his way to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he mustfind out who or what is behind everything.

Key Features:

- Unsurpassed visuals with breathtaking 3D graphics and effects

- Brand new action-oriented gameplay and story

- Extraordinary new enemies - zombies are obsolete; replaced by intelligent but evil creatures

- Killer weaponry - hand grenades, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, axes, chainsaws, cannons and more

- New gameplay mechanics - behind-the-back camera angle perspective & hit zone aiming system

- New characters - new playable female character plus a mysterious new friend ... or foe

- Plus exciting new bonus features exclusive to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system


Resident Evil 4 PS2 game score 8.7 / 10 calculated from 2877 players' votes.

Uses: memory card
Resident Evil 4 Boss (2-3) - Chief

Resident Evil 4 Boss (2-3) - Chief [0:49]


Video Resident Evil 4

Boss (5-3) - Jack Krauser


Video Resident Evil 4

Boss (1-3) - Del Lago


Video Resident Evil 4

Boss (2-3) - El Gigante #2

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