Air Conflicts [PC]

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Genre: Simulation

Developer: 3Division Entertainment

Publisher: Frogster Interactive Pictures AG

Release Date(s)

27 April 2006 Worldwide

Game Mode(s) single / multiplayer

multiplayer: local network number of players 1 - 8

Official Website

Air Conflicts is arcade simulator from the second World War. Many action missions with historical based timeline, authentic planes, units... Comming soon.

Main Features:

* 10 non-linear campaings with more than action 200 missions (patrols, manoeuvres, strategic bombing, air support, air superiority, interdiction, paratroops and supply deployment, prevent bombing missions).

* Authentic historical timeline and missions with focus on the gameplay.

* Easy control over aircraft and fun air battles.

* Fly for Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe or Red Army Air Force.

* Fly with 12 authentic planes (Spitfire, Mosquito, Avro Lancaster, He-111, Ju-87 Stuka, Me-Bf 109, Gloster Meteor, Gotha 229, DB3, IL2, Lavochkin 5, Bisnovat 5).

* Advanced ranking system, with authentic medals and ranks.

* Play three multiplayer modes up to 8 players on LAN.


Air Conflicts PC game score 8.4 / 10 calculated from 442 players' votes.

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium 900 MHz, 256MB RAM, graphic card 32MB

Downloads for Air Conflicts [PC]

Air Conflicts - GAME DEMO v.117e GAME DEMO - 61.1 MB

Air Conflicts - GAME TRAINER + 4 trainer GAME TRAINER - 197.4 KB

Air Conflicts - VIDEO VIDEO - 21.4 MB

Air Conflicts - GAME PATCH v.1.043c GAME PATCH - 187.3 KB

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