Horrid Henry: Missions of Mischief [PC]

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Genre: Adventure

Developer: Asylum Entertainment

Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive

Release Date(s)

30 October 2009 Worldwide

30 October 2009 Europe

It's not fair!!!, Horrid Henry is coming to Nintendo DS™ and Wii™, parents BEWARE!

Henry is a headstrong boy, constantly raging against the tyranny of adults and infuriating girls. For Henry life just isn't fair. If he's not battling his fearsome class teacher Miss Battle-Axe or Greta the Demon Dinner Lady at school, he's in trouble with his Mum and Dad.

Now Horrid Henry moves from the massively successful TV show and multi million selling book series onto Nintendo DS™, Wii™ and PC in the form of a fun, fast and funny, action platform game where the player takes the lead role of Henry himself.

Henry has a range of special skills and equipment that he can use during missions and his task is to dash around locations playing pranks on the other characters all the while avoiding being caught.


Fun and engaging objective based gameplay, with a real kids' champion

Multiple difficulty settings to allow each player to enjoy a challenging game

8 bonus levels to unlock with genuinely horrid rewards

Includes loads of Henry's favourite stuff - supersoakers, gross goo, spiders and stink bombs

Instantly recognisable characters including Henry's nemesis Moody Margaret, his annoying little brother, Perfect Peter and scary Miss Battle-Axe

source: http://www.southpeakgames.eu/?game=Horrid%20Henry&platform=PC

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium 4 2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, graphic card 128 MB, 512 MB HDD, Windows XP/Vista

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