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Party games. Category of titles that put emphasis on multiplayer mode and interactions between people playing in the same room. Party games are usually collections of arcade minigames. The most popular titles from this genre are such series as Rock Band or SingStar.

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Just Dance 2018
Just Dance 2018

Party Tuesday, 24 October 2017

One of the many installments in the series of dance/party games released annually by Ubisoft. Similarly to what players know from previous editions, your task is to follow the choreographies performed by colorful characters dancing on-screen. The more accurately you repeat their moves, the higher score you get. Just Dance 2018 offers several dozen pop songs, both classic hits and new releases. That latter category includes: Clean Bandit ft.Sean Paul & Anne-Marie – Rockabye, Bruno Mars – 24K Magic, Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj – Side to Side, Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne – The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody), Jamiroquai – Automaton, Shakira ft. Maluma – Chantaje, Hyuna – Bubble Pop, Hatsune Miku – Love Ward, Groove Century – Daddy Cool, Big Freedia – Make it Jingle. Just Dance 2018 uses dedicated motion controllers and cameras or a special mobile app for monitoring players’ moves.

Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power

Party 2018

Knowledge is Power is a party game where we – alone or with other players - take part in various quizzes. It was developed by one of Sony’s internal studios. The game is kind of a spiritual successor of the Buzz! series that was released on PlayStation 2 and later on PSP and PlayStation 3. The game uses the PlayLink app that connects our smartphone or tablet with our console. We take part in a trounament that checks our knowledge in all kinds of fields of science and culture. The game offers hundreds randomly selected questions. We can play alone or with up to five more additional players in local or online multiplayer.


Party 2018

DJMAX Respect
DJMAX Respect

Party 2018

A rhythmic music game developed for PlayStation 4. DJMAX Respect is a special annual installment of the DJMAX series which was started in 2004 by a Korean company Neowiz. Similarly to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, it uses a vertical board divided into several tracks where colorful bricks appear and move down towards the bottom. Each track is assigned a gamepad button which we have to press when a brick is in the corresponding field. DJMAX Respect features a hundred songs taken from DJMAX Portable and DJMAX Portable 2. The music library can be also expanded by buying additional tunes in the form of DLC. Apart from a standard arcade mode, in which we select songs from the list, DJMAX Respect offers a campaign that consists of a number of missions that add different kinds of limitations and difficulties. Moreover, the title allows us to compete 1 vs 1, both over the Internet and locally on a single console.

Light Fingers
Light Fingers

Party 2018