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Nintendo Switch is the successor of Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles and is widely considered to be the first hybrid console on the market. It allows users to play games either at home on a big TV screen or while travelling. This is possible thanks to its revolutionary design, which combines features of both stationary and handheld consoles. It is composed of two main parts: the console unit, which is a 6.2" screen tablet based on Nvidia technology, and the docking station necessary to connect the console to a TV set. Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Switch)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Switch)

Action 2018

Another installment of the best-selling FPS series, and at the same time a direct continuation to Wolfenstein: The New Order created by Machine Games. The Action of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is set in 1961 after waking up from a coma B.J. Blazkowicz and his companions find the United States of America occupied by the Nazis. The main protagonist finds common ground with the leaders of the local resistance, and decides to help them fight the invaders. As in the previous Wolfenstein installment, the gameplay in The New Colossus features exploration, completing consecutive missions, and eliminating scores of diverse foes. The players are given a wide range of murderous weapons including not only classic firearms but also some more elaborate pieces. Interestingly, once again the developers have decided to abandon health regeneration mechanics in favor of the old-school med-kit system. The game features high-quality 3D graphics in comparison to its predecessor, the most significant are the texture and special effect enhancements that accompany the gunfights.

Doom (Switch)
Doom (Switch)

Action 10 November 2017

The fourth part in one of the most famous FPS franchises in history, originated by id Software Studio in 1993. Since then, the overall story premise remained basically unchanged, having the player take on the role of a sole commando who has to fight hordes of demons from Hell spawned in a military research base as a result of a failed experiment. In contrast to the third game, which featured numerous horror elements, Doom focuses on fast-paced action, thus going back to the roots of the series. The hero learned some brand new skills, including spectacular finishers, making the gameplay even more brutal. One of the landmarks of the franchise is the considerable multiplayer mode, this time enriched with a useful tool called SnapMap. It lets players create not only maps and locations, but also their own play modes from cooperative battles against enemy hordes to classic Deathmatches.

PayDay 2 (Switch)
PayDay 2 (Switch)

Action 23 February 2018

A sequel to the first-person online shooter PayDay: The Heist from 2012. Both games were developed by Overkill Software in co-operation with Starbreeze AG. Players become members of a gang that specializes in bank heists, kidnapping, and drugs transportation. The main campaign consists of six dangerous jobs, offered via the CRIMENET system. The creators of PayDay 2 took special care to diversify the missions as some mission elements are random, no two playthroughs are exactly the same. Just as in the first game, gameplay puts emphasis on the cooperation of up to four players. The game's impressive visuals are powered by Diesel Engine 2.0.

Gal*Gun 2 (Switch)
Gal*Gun 2 (Switch)

Action 15 March 2018

Another installment in a series of hilarious rail-shooters that require the player to confront groups of the protagonist's female schoolmates that have fallen in love with him. The girls are victims of a devilish curse the protagonist has to alleviate using angelic weapons and gadgets.

Morphite (Switch)
Morphite (Switch)

Action 02 November 2017

A combination of a first person shooter, adventure game and 3D platformer inspired by Metroid, Ratchet & Clank and Turok series. In Morphite, we play as a young woman called Myrah who embarks on a journey through space. During her adventure players can visit many randomly generated planets and in order to get to them they use a space ship. When we are on planets' surfaces we can, e.g. jump on platforms, drive various vehicles, solve environment puzzles, find resources and fight with enemies. Myrah possesses many useful tools, a diverse range of weapons and a special scanner which is used for finding weapons, ship and suit upgrades. When we are in space we also need to face aggressive enemies. Morphite's graphics are "angular" and the game uses a more cartoony style.