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Nintendo Switch is the successor of Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles and is widely considered to be the first hybrid console on the market. It allows users to play games either at home on a big TV screen or while travelling. This is possible thanks to its revolutionary design, which combines features of both stationary and handheld consoles. It is composed of two main parts: the console unit, which is a 6.2" screen tablet based on Nvidia technology, and the docking station necessary to connect the console to a TV set. Nintendo Switch was released worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Hello Neighbor (Switch)
Hello Neighbor (Switch)

Arcade 2018

An unusual first-person stealth game by Dynamix Pixels. In Hello Neighbor, we assume the role of an owner of a suburban house who suspects that his neighbor hides a terrible secret. To confirm his suspicions, he decides to sneak into his home, which won’t be easy since the man is incredibly alert and will stop at nothing to protect his privacy. The goal is to infiltrate the neighbor’s house undetected. Decoys and other distractions are helpful in turning the attention away from us. The primary element of gameplay is the advanced artificial intelligence that lets the neighbor remember the player’s actions and thus foresee his future ones. The paths that we take most frequently are quickly armed with numerous traps and alarms so the game requires creativity and flexibility to be won.

Spy Chameleon (Switch)
Spy Chameleon (Switch)

Arcade 09 March 2018

Aragami: Directors Cut (Switch)
Aragami: Directors Cut (Switch)

Action July 2018

A port version of a game called Aragami released on Nintendo Switch. The game, developed by Lince Works from Spain, was initially released in October 2016 and was available on PlayStation 4 and PC Windows. During the game we play as a warrior called Aragami who was brought back to life. His task is to help a girl called Yamiko in her escape from Kyuryu fortress where the girl is held captive. The mission won't be easy because the building is heavily guarded, however, our hero has unique abilities that allow him to control darkness to some degree. Aragami uses it to hide bodies, teleport or create small black holes. Even though the hero has supernatural powers, Aragami: Director's Cut is a full-fledged stealth game. This means that for the majority of the game we need to stay hidden in shadows and avoid open conflicts because usually they result in Aragami's death.

Serial Cleaner (Switch)
Serial Cleaner (Switch)

Action 30 November 2017

An oldschool 2D action game with stealth elements and a gangster atmosphere, created by Polish studio iFun4all. Serial Cleaner takes place in America of the 1970s and you play as a seemingly ordinary citizen, who's really the eponymous “cleaner,” specializing in cleaning crime scenes—getting rid of the bodies, evidence, and blood. The missions in the game are based on real crime scenes from the 1970s, and your task is to efficiently clean them without getting noticed by the policemen patrolling the area. The game gives you complete freedom and rewards you for exploring, making quick decisions and experimenting with different methods of solving a problem. Your task is made slightly easier by the fact that the policemen are a rather lazy and not quite clever bunch, and they don't pay much attention to their duties.

Party Hard (Switch)
Party Hard (Switch)

Strategy 2018

A brutal action game in retro style, developed as a commercial edition of a project for Global Game Jam. The title was created by an independent studio PinoklGames from Ukraine. During the game you assume the role of a man who is clearly dissatisfied with his neighbors disrupting the quiet night hours and decides to seek revenge against them. Instead of calling the cops, the protagonist joins one of the night parties in order to brutally murder every guest. The action takes place in a procedurally-generated house of the neighbors, in which you need to kill your victims. To avoid attracting the interest of the police and other guests, you have to lure your targets to isolated places and skilfully kill them, e.g. fake an accident. What makes the title difficult is the fact that you have to cleverly take advantage of your prey and remain undetected for as long as possible.

Never Stop Sneakin' (Switch)
Never Stop Sneakin' (Switch)

Action 14 December 2017

Never Stop Sneakin' is a stealth game by indie studio Humble Hearts, and a parody of the genre, especially of the first installment of the Metal Gear Solid series. The story focuses on the nefarious plans of a terrorist group, which uses a time machine to travel back in time and kidnap every American president. You play as a special secret agent, who is sent to the enemy base to free the presidents. Despite excellent training, the agent has no chance against large numbers of enemies, so he has to avoid being detected and sneak past foes. When it's impossible to do so, he has to eliminate the opponents as quickly as possible. The game features various boss battles and unusual oldschools visuals, based on games for the first generation PlayStation console.