Sports Champions

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Sony PlayStation 3
Game Sports Champions (PS3) Cover
Sports Champions

Sports Champions | PS3

Sports Champions release date for PS3:

game language:

17 September 2010 | Worldwide

17 September 2010 | Europe PAL

17 September 2010 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: split screen, players: 1-4 , size: 1 BD
Game score 8.5 / 10 calculated out of 333 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 8.2 / 10 calculated out of 4 players' votes.  

Sports Champions will let you and your friends physically engage in an array of competitive sporting activities as you go head to head in six events. Every event brings its own unique twist to the controls. Use your PlayStation® Move motion controller as a paddle in table tennis as you conduct high speed rapid exchanges against your challenger while you employ a variety of strategies and tactics to win; or ignite the arena and use your PlayStation® Move motion controller as a sword and swing your arm forward to blast your opponent right out of the ring. The easy to use PlayStation® Move motion controller and PlayStation® Eye camera lets anyone crush, spike and smoke the competition in six challenging events for the ultimate sports showdown. Sports Champions is as much fun to watch as it is to play, as both first-time players and experienced gamers will feel the adrenaline of winning or the sting of defeat. Anyone will find it easy to jump straight into the action; and the additive challenge of each event plus the highly competitive Leaderboard scores will keep you coming back for more. So what are you waiting for?

Uses: PlayStation Move