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Nyrthos is a browser action RPG inspired by the fan-favourite Diablo series and developed by the independent Czech studio BeerDeer. The game takes place in a fantasy world that is on the brink of war with the armies of darkness. We play as a hero who tries to stop the invasion of evil. Our character can use swords and magic in combat. With time and experience, we will level up his abilities and upgrade his equipment. As in many similar games, we will also explore dungeons in search for treasures. The world of Nyrthos constantly changes under the influence of our actions. New locations, quests, and enemies will appear in the game as we play. When we are not busy adventuring, we can buy an estate or create our own village and manage it. In addition to the single player campaign, Nyrthos offers an Arena Mode where heroes fight with hordes of enemies for additional Honor points and higher online ranks.

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Game Nyrthos (WWW) Cover

Nyrthos | WWW

RPG, fantasy, action RPG

Companies responsible for Nyrthos

BeerDeer | game developer

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Nyrthos release date for WWW:

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canceled | Worldwide

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 9.1 / 10 calculated out of 13 players' votes.  

Nyrthos for WWW is a game developed by a small Czech studio BeerDeer established by Martin Jelink and Martin Pivko, a real veteran developers of flash-based browser games. They were inspired by classic action RPGs like Diablo II when creating Nyrthos.

The Plot

The game takes place in the titular world of Nyrthos that is in grave danger. Armies of Darkness approach from the east. People of Nyrthos spent hundreds of years on preparation for this war, athough no one knows precisely what they are going to fight with.


Nyrthos for WWW is a fantasy action RPG where we play as a hero who tries to stop the invasion of evil and, at the same time, gain fame and glory. Our hero can use weapons and magic in combat, level up, change and upgrade his equipment, explore dungeons, and fight with the numerous enemies we will encounter as we play.

The world of Nyrthos changes under the influence of player’s actions. As we play, new areas, enemies, and quests will appear in the game. We can buy a property and create our own while we are not adventuring.

Game Modes

Nyrthos offers a single player campaign and the Arena mode where players fight with hordes of enemies in order to get more Honour points and climb up the online rankings.

Technical Aspects

Nyrthos for WWW uses BeerDeer’s original game engine. The isometric point of view and the way we control our hero and do basic gameplay-related stuff brings to mind classic RPGs from the second part of the 20th century.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

Nyrthos first teaser

Nyrthos first teaser | 1:26

Pierwszy teaser gry Nyrthos - gry RPG wzorowanej na tytu³ach takich jak Gothic, czy Diablo.