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Forza Horizon

A spin-off to the popular series of car simulation games Forza Motorsport. The title was developed by Playground Games in cooperation with the development teams from Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft Game Studios. The game takes place on the roads of Colorado State during the titular music festival. In contrast to the main installments of the series, the spin-off gives the player much greater freedom when it comes to the exploration of the world and selecting challenges to complete. During the game it is not only important to reach the finish line before the rivals, but to drive impressively as well. The player can select from around 300 models of vehicles of various classes (from sports cars through pick-ups to roadsters) that can be additionally tuned.

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Microsoft Xbox 360
Game Forza Horizon (X360) Cover
Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon | XBOX 360

Forza Horizon release date for XBOX 360:

game language:

23 October 2012 | Worldwide

26 October 2012 | Europe PAL

23 October 2012 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet, players: 1 - 8 , size: 1 DVD
Game score 7.8 / 10 calculated out of 1108 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 9.3 / 10 calculated out of 158 players' votes.  

Forza Horizon for Xbox 360 is a racing game that offers a fresh take on the Forza series and isn’t a direct sequel to previous entries. This time the fathers of the franchise that work in Turn 10 serve only as help for studio Playground Games which is responsible for the development of the game. It is the first project of this developer, but among its employees were industry’s veterans, who previously worked in companies like Guerrilla Games, Rockstar North, Bizarre Creations and Codemasters.


The game takes place on the roads of Colorado State during the titular grand techno-cultural festival. This enabled the developers to combine beautiful landmarks with popular music themes and deliver a festive atmosphere. The game was developed as a spin-off to Forza Motorsport series. In contrast to the main installments, the developers focused on a more open-world and wacky attempt at racing. Despite that, the game still uses the physics engine from previous entries and after deactivating all handicaps the driving model remains quite realistic. Not only speed matters in the game since in addition to that the players also need good reflexes and proper strategy. In contrast to previous entries, Forza Horizon offers an open world. The virtual universe was designed as a big playground in which the player can select which attractions related to racing interest him the most.

In Forza Horizon the player can control many licensed cars including Dodge Viper, Nissan Skyline GT R34, Ford GT40, Audi Quattro, Mazda RX8 and Nissan 370Z. Among the available attractions there are traditional races, both with a few laps on closed tracks and on regular roads or off-road challenges. A dynamic day and night circle makes the game more interesting. The title also offers car tuning system that enables the player to improve the performance of their machines. Both new cars and upgrades can be bought for virtual credits that are received by winning. It is also possible to buy new things through a microtransactions system.

Game modes

The game not only offers a singleplayer mode, but advanced multiplayer options for up to eight players as well. The players can compete in special online events or play in a few direct competitive modes.

Forza Horizon 1000 Club expansion pack trailer

Forza Horizon 1000 Club expansion pack trailer | 1:34

Zwiastun darmowego dodatku DLC do gry Forza Horizon. Dodatek o nazwie 1000 Club wnosi do rozgrywki tysiąc wyzwań, którym podołać będą musieli gracze.