A science-fiction survival horror game developed by the independent studio Lunar Software. The story focuses on discovering the causes behind the staff disappearance at the Lunar Research Station. In the game, the player travels through dark and claustrophobic chambers of the facility, gradually uncovering its secrets. The main item the player uses throughout the game is a special fixing tool which resembles a pistol. The player can modify this tool using disks which can be found around the station, thus the device can be used also as a weapon. The creators placed special emphasis on a convincing atmosphere the experience comes with, and the survival aspect of it. The latter means that the interface is minimal and each death of the protagonist is permanent. Many parts of the virtual station are randomly generated, such as different threats or the locations of NPCs. As a result, each playthrough can be completely different.

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PC / Windows
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Routine | PC

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December 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 8.9 / 10 calculated out of 76 players' votes.  

Routine is an action-adventure game from the survival-horror genre, which in some aspects resembles such productions as Dead Space or installments of the Amnesia series. The title is the debut project of the English indie studio – Lunar Software, which consists of three members. Mick Gordon, the co-creator of the sound effects and music for games such as Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 and Need for Speed, has also been involved in the development of Routine.

The storyline revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the crew members of the Lunar Research Station. To solve the puzzle we travel through the claustrophobic, dark corridors and rooms of the moon base, uncovering its secrets. The developers have focused mainly on the survival and horror aspects, and have limited the UI and equipment elements to the absolute minimum; in other words, we will not see any first-aid kits in Routine and the death of our character is permanent. The main tool we can use is the CAT – Cosmonaut Assistance Tool, which is a repair device with the appearance of a pistol. The title allows us to upgrade it by using the floppy disks found in the base, and in some cases lets us use it as a weapon.

Interestingly, during our trek of the base some of its elements will be randomly generated; amongst them are, e.g. the dangers which await our hero and the locations of the AI controlled characters. Thanks to the mentioned features the production gains a lot of replayabillity.

When it comes to the soundtrack, Routine draws inspiration from science-fiction films from the 1980’s; a number of the elements of the moon base are extremely similar to sceneries from the Alien or Space Odyssey movies. The graphics have been designed using the Unreal Engine 3 engine; the sound effects and music are on a very high level and enhance the atmosphere of terror and fear, which distinguishes the Lunar Software title.

Routine alpha gameplay trailer

Routine alpha gameplay trailer | 4:15

Zwiastun rozgrywki w grze Routine, survival horrorze, którego akcja rozgrywa się w opuszczonej bazie na Księżycu. Tytuł został stworzony przez niezależne studio Lunar Software.