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Treasure Adventure World

A remade action-adventure game developed as a joint project of Robit Studios, the authors of the original game from 2011, and Chucklefish, the team responsible for Starbound. The action of Treasure Adventure World takes place in a world where a mysterious sorcerer had defeated a dangerous monster using the power of twelve magic artifacts. Unfortunately, the battle had several consequences – the continents were covered in water and divided into small islands. Years after that event, a young boy decides to retrieve the missing artifacts and return the world to its former glory. The mechanics of the game are built from a few different adventure, platform, or logic games elements. Our protagonist traverses the world and fight against his enemies. As the game progresses, the hero gains new experience levels, increasing his power and health points, while found coins enable him to buy various items facilitating the game.

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PC / Windows
Game Treasure Adventure World (PC) cover
Treasure Adventure World

Treasure Adventure World | PC

Arcade, platform, logical elements, 2D, indie games

Companies responsible for Treasure Adventure World

Robit Studios | game developer

Chucklefish | publisher   Official website

Treasure Adventure World release date for PC:

game language:

07 February 2018 | Worldwide

07 February 2018 | Europe

07 February 2018 | USA

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 7.9 / 10 calculated out of 10 players' votes.  

Treasure Adventure World for PC / Windows is an independent adventure game with platforming elements. The game is a remake of a free-to-play title from 2011 developed by Robit Studios. During the development cycle, Chucklefish, the team responsible for Starbound, supported the authors.


Once upon a time, a scary monster destroying everything that was found on his path threatened Earth. Finally, a powerful sorcerer defeated him using the power of twelve mysterious treasures. Unfortunately, the clash took a certain toll on our world – continents were divided into small islands. Numerous years after this event, a young boy embarks on a journey to find the missing artifacts, a quest that will require a lot of effort and bravery.


The mechanics of Treasure Adventure World are built from numerous trademark elements found in a few different genres, including adventure, platform, or logic games. Moreover, the game contains multiple references to old-school titles such as Metroid or Zelda. The gameplay is similar to that of a side-scroller – our hero jumps through chasms, uses hanging chains to get further ahead, encounters various opponents, and solves simple puzzles. Further into the game, we receive the ability to dive, as well as to dig tunnels. Our mission requires us to use boats to be able to get from one island to another. Sometimes, sea monsters that have to be fending off using cannons interrupt such journeys.

As the game progresses, our hero gains new experience levels, increasing his health points and overall strength. Moreover, coins found during our travels can be spent on new items that facilitate the gameplay.

The combat is rather simple, as there is only one button responsible for attack. We are armed with a single weapon, a portable hook that is also used during climbing. The hero encounters a few different types of enemies, yet they are mostly different in looks and the style of movement. From time to time, our hero faces bosses (including ghosts, phantoms, medusas, or a huge octopus) that require much more skill and effort.

Technical Aspects

The new version of Treasure Adventure World has similar graphics to its 2010 predecessor, yet the authors decided to introduce sharper and colorful visuals that nevertheless keep with the spirit of the original game. We’ve also received new riddles, treasures, as well as a new soundtrack.

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Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements

Minimum: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz, 256 MB RAM, graphic card 256 MB GeForce 8600 or better, 300 MB HDD, Windows XP