Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

An incredibly extensive strategy game created by Warfare Sims in cooperation with Slitherine - a renowned publishing company. The player is given an opportunity to take control of a fleet consisting of aircraft carriers, support ships, as well as attack and transport planes. The player takes part in dozens of scenarios referencing both historical events and fictional operations set in the near future. Both large-scope and smaller operations can be conducted here, but what really needs to be noted is that the creators were very diligent when recreating both the battlegrounds and the massive number of different factors affecting military operations. What is also worth mentioning, the game offers an advanced AI of both the enemies and the player's subordinates - they are all capable of applying various tactics. As a result, the AI can be left in charge of certain actions.

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PC / Windows
Game Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (PC) Cover
Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations | PC

Strategy, RTS, cold war, modern conflicts, 2D, war strategy

Companies responsible for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

Warfare Sims | game developer

Matrix Games/Slitherine | publisher   Official website

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations release date for PC:

game language:

24 September 2013 | Worldwide

24 September 2013 | Europe

24 September 2013 | USA

Game mode: single player

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations for PC / Windows is a complex strategy game allowing the player to perform both aerial and naval, large-scope military operations. The game was created by Warfare Sims - a developer popular for similar projects. Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations was published by Matrix Games and Slitherine.


The player can take control over a navy fleet consisting of aircraft carriers and support ships, such as destroyers or cruisers. Then the time comes to take part in dozens of scenarios referring both to historical actions (Falklands War, Operation Market Time, Operation Lion's Den) and fictitious battles set in near future. Apart from regular military ships and submarines, the player commands a set of both transport and assault planes based aboard the aircraft carrier. Different kinds of satellites and ground-based, intelligence-gathering stations are extremely helpful in conducting operations, because the player can track enemy units thanks to them. Each unit is described with a set of faithfully recreated statistics and capabilities.

The player conducts their operations on a map depicting the globe - this can be both zoomed in and out. Both units and their range are displayed in the form of outlined points. This allows for both large-scope and smaller operations, but also makes it possible to use a wide set of military units. The game stands out with the seriousness in which it approaches the subject many different elements affect the player's actions here, such as weather conditions, shape of terrain, convergence zones or water salinity. What is also noticeable, is the advanced AI of the enemies they apply different combat tactics, use their weapons skillfully and adapt to the circumstances changing very quickly. Although the player is allowed to automatize the less important actions here, the process is fully reversible, thus the player can regain full control of the entirety of operations they are conducting at any time.

Technical aspects

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations for PC / Windows contains an extensive editor allowing to reshape the entire game literally. The player can create their own scenario at any time or edit one created previously. Also, pre-defined war tactics can be prepared. This tool allows to change the in-game weapons or to create custom icons representing particular units as well. What is more, the player can implement their own sound effects into the game.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

System requirements

Recommended: Pentium III 1 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 256 MB (GeForce 8600 GT or better), 10 GB HDD, Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8