Wild Season

A farming strategy game with advanced RPG features. The game was inspired by the famous Harvest Moon franchise and it was developed by independent studio Quickfire Games. The player assumes the role of a young farmer who is tasked with returning a dilapidated farm to its former glory. In order to do it the protagonist plants seeds, gathers crops, breeds animals, sells whatever he created and manages his budget. In addition to typical farming actions, Wild Season offers advanced simulation of life. The male or female protagonist can become a part of the local society, interact with neighbors, start friendships and romances, gain money by completing minor quests and even become a member of the local council. The citizens have advanced psychological portraits that include not only basic character traits but also various problems, addictions etc. What’s interesting, the village hides some dark secret to which one can get in various ways. The singleplayer campaign of the game is non-linear and it depends on player’s actions.

PC / Windows
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Wild Season

Wild Season | PC

Wild Season release date for PC:

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08 December 2015 | Worldwide

08 December 2015 | Europe

08 December 2015 | USA

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 8.7 / 10 calculated out of 16 players' votes.  

Wild Season trailer

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