Contract Wars

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Contract Wars

Contract Wars | WWW

Contract Wars release date for WWW:

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18 December 2012 | Worldwide

Game mode: massive online multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet

Contracts Wars is the first russian multiplayer free2play FPS with a RPG elements developing as the browser-based application for social networks and as a full-fledged downloadable client version.

Player could instantly play CW in his (her) favorite social network without any downloads or installations directly from his browser in a full 3d current-gen environment. For hardcore gamer we'll have more stable, faster and better client version with a full connection to the social network players, even players from other networks around the world.

CW is the world of the near future in which all power decisions are spent by the private military companies (PMC). The advanced weapons and tactics, experienced warriors from whole the world, the most different fighting operations, glory and honor are met among the equal. CW is a whole region of east Europe where interests of two PMC – USEC and BEAR have converged. It's not separate fights, it's a difficult interlacing of political, economic and military interests of two parties. CW is a severe reality of military conflicts – day and night diversionary operations, coordinating of airstrikes, support of cargoes, defense of boundaries and fights for strategic areas, all-round use of support measures of the given divisions and the newest weapon systems.

Age Rating

age requirements: 18+

Contract Wars gameplay

Contract Wars gameplay | 5:05

Zwiastun gry Contract Wars, przeglądarkowej produkcji z gatunku pierwszoosobowych strzelanin, nastawionej na rozgrywki multiplayer.