Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

A TPP action game focused on the online co-op mode. It was developed by Crytek, whose members used to work e.g on the Darksiders series. The game utilizes a free-to-play model with optional microtransactions. The story is set in the 19th century and focuses on several fearless heroes fighting monsters from legends and superstitions. The team of 4 people features characters with unique abilities, which can be developed as the game progresses. The battles take place on randomly generated maps and involve fighting various monsters and boss enemies. Like in many such games, to succeed you have to cooperate with your teammates and make good use of the characters' abilities. In addition, your ammo is limited, which forces you to carefully plan every attack.

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PC / Windows
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Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown | PC

Action, TPP, co-op

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Crytek | game developer

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03 June 2014 | Sign-Up

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Game mode: multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Expectations: 9.1 / 10 calculated out of 34 players' votes.  

Hunt: Horrors of the Glided Age is a co-op action game based on the free-to-play business model with microtransactions from the American section of the Crytek company, made out of veterans of the Darksiders cycle.

The action of the production takes place at the end of the XIXth century; in the studio’s vision of this period all of the legends and superstitions of that time are made real. Evil lurks around every corner and humanity is constantly threatened by monsters; the players, who step into the shoes of fearless, hardy hunters, decide to track down and eliminate the beast.

Hunt: Horrors of the Glided Age is largely meant to be played in the co-op mode for up to four players; the team’s composition is permanent and offers fixed characters with specific backstories and personalities. We can develop and equip each character with any gear we manage to get our hands on, allowing us to adjust the hero to suit our playstyle. The combat takes place on procedurally generated maps, which guarantees that each location will be in some ways unique; apart from the usual monsters, every once in a while, we have to bring down powerful bosses. We experience the action of Hunt from the third person perspective.

The production has been designed to force players into strict and close cooperation between each other, making the gameplay feel more like an actual hunt, with the hunters working together to bring down the powerful and intelligent beasts; killing even a single creature can prove to be quite the challenge, especially taking into consideration that our heroes carry limited amounts of ammunition and every bullet is worth its weight in gold.

Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age uses the CryEngine game engine, which grants the production high quality, detailed character models and huge open-world maps.

Hunt: Showdown developer's diary #1 - history and gameplay

Hunt: Showdown developer's diary #1 - history and gameplay | 8:22

Deweloperzy ze studia Crytek opowiadają o tym, jaką drogę gra Hunt: Showdown ma już za sobą i czego możemy po niej oczekiwać.