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Dishonored 2

Dishonored II: Darkness of Tyvia

A sequel to a best-selling FPP stealth game set in a universe that combines stylistics of the late Victorian era with steampunk elements. The title is a result of cooperation between Arkane Studios and the game’s publisher – Bethesda company. The sequel’s main heroine is Emily Kadwin, the daughter of the murdered empress, who joins forces with the empress’ former bodyguard Corvo, the protagonist of the previous game. The girl tries to reclaim the lost crown and take revenge on all responsible for the death of her mother. Gameplay mechanics did not change much, so you still are offered much freedom in the way you reach the game’s objectives. Depending on your preferences, you may either use stealth approach or engage in open conflicts. The game can be completed as either of the two heroes, whereas each one has slightly different abilities and fighting style. Just like the previous game, Dishonored 2 contains only single player gameplay with no cooperation mode.

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PC / Windows
Game Dishonored 2 (PC) cover
Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 | PC

Dishonored 2 release date for PC:

game language:

11 November 2016 | Worldwide

11 November 2016 | Europe

11 November 2016 | USA

Game mode: single player , multiplayer mode: Internet
Game score 8.4 / 10 calculated out of 597 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 9.4 / 10 calculated out of 921 players' votes.  

Sony PlayStation 4
Game Dishonored 2 (PS4) cover
Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 | PS4

Dishonored 2 release date for PS4:

game language:

11 November 2016 | Worldwide

11 November 2016 | Europe PAL

11 November 2016 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single player , multiplayer mode: Internet
Game score 8.15 / 10 calculated out of 184 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 6.4 / 10 calculated out of 151 players' votes.  

Microsoft XBOX ONE
Game Dishonored 2 (XONE) cover
Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 | XBOX ONE

Dishonored 2 release date for XBOX ONE:

game language:

11 November 2016 | Worldwide

11 November 2016 | Europe PAL

11 November 2016 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Game score 8.4 / 10 calculated out of 88 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 8.9 / 10 calculated out of 86 players' votes.  

Dishonored 2 for PC / Windows is the official sequel of Dishonored from 2012, a bestselling first-person stealth game set in a fictional, totalitarian world that combines steampunk elements with industrial “aesthetics” of the late 19th and early 20th century. It was developed by the French studio Arkane, the creators of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, and published by Bethesda Softworks, the owner of such franchises as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Dishonored 2 came out for personal computers as well as the 8th-generation consoles.


The action of Dishonored 2 takes place 15 years after the events of the first installment of the series. Two familiar faces serve as the game’s main characters, namely Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin (with emphasis on the latter), but we’re not in Dunwall anymore. The action takes us far away from the capital of the insular empire ruled by the Kaldwin line – we find ourselves in the warm southern parts of the world, in Karnaca, where the authorities of the island of Serkonos have their seat. That’s where the main characters ended up after Emily was cunningly deprived of the crown and forced to flee the capital. Upon their arrival at Karnaca, the protagonists start to look for ways to restore the throne to the rightful empress.


In the prologue, we assume the role of Emily, but having completed the interactive introduction, we have to choose between the young empress and the protagonist of the first Dishonored, Corvo Attano. Although the story is hardly affected by this choice, because the differences are rather cosmetic, the decision is somewhat important, as the selected hero or heroine cannot be switched, unless we start a new game. The playthroughs are different for each character, though, mainly because of the unique sets of available magical powers and different dialogue lines (yes, Corvo finally learned how to speak).

The gameplay formula remained largely unchanged. In Dishonored 2, we still make progress by completing quests. Their structure somewhat resembles that of the Hitman series. We are given various tasks, often involving assassinations, but the way we complete them is entirely for us to choose. We have a lot of freedom in deciding how to approach the objective – we determine the path we take to our target, deal with the guards as we see fit (we can kill them in open combat, murder them in silence, knock them out, avoid them, etc.), look for additional information, complete optional objectives and so on.

Instead of trying to revolutionize the solutions of the well-received Dishonored, the developers decided to merely enhance the already known mechanisms. In Dishonored 2 for PC / Windows, the locations we visit are bigger and packed with various, even more abundant options. The chaos system, responsible for moral evaluation of the player’s actions, was also improved, and now monitors our deeds more precisely, providing a wider range of consequences to our choices (it primarily applies to developing the story in various directions). What’s more, the character development was expanded, allowing the players to personalize their preferred play style even further.

Game modes

Similarly to the first Dishonored, Dishonored 2 offers only a single player mode. Despite the fact that the game features two protagonists, a cooperative mode wasn’t included.


As far as graphics are concerned, Dishonored 2 for PC / Windows presents a similar style to its predecessor, as the discussed production was developed with 8th-generation consoles in mind the visuals have been significantly improved in comparison to the first game. The artificial intelligence was enhanced, as well, which translates primarily into more intelligent behavior of guards.

Additional information

The developers addressed the complaints of the players who thought that Dishonored was too easy and introduced a solution similar to 2014’s Thief. In Dishonored 2, there are numerous extra options (gameplay modifiers) that can be used to precisely adjust the gameplay to our liking, making the game as challenging as we desire.

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PEGI Rating

Age rating. The PEGI rating considers the age suitability of a game, not the level of difficulty.Game contains bad language.Game contains depictions of violence.

System requirements

Recommended: Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 GHz/AMD X8 FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 16 GB RAM, graphic card 6 GeForce GTX 1060/8 GB Radeon RX 480 or better, 60 GB HDD, Windows 10 64-bit
Minimum: Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz/AMD X8 FX-8320 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, graphic card 2 GB GeForce GTX 660/3 GB Radeon HD 7970 or better, 60 GB HDD, Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Dishonored 2 Game Guide

game guide 27 December 2016

Dishonored 2 game guide is a comprehensive collection of tips concerning completing the game in 100%. It contains a walkthrough, exploration and combat tips, and locations of all available collectibles.

Dishonored 2 to offer 12-20 hours of gameplay

News 21 June 2016 12:46

Dishonored 2 is said to offer a single player campaign lasting for 12-20 hours of gameplay. This is almost twice as long as the first Dishonored, which was 8-12 hours.

New screenshots from Dishonored 2 – welcome back to the brutal steampunk universe

News 18 May 2016 13:30

A handful of new screenshots from Dishonored 2 have been posted online. There’s no doubt that the sequel to Arkane Studios' stealth-action game will be as brutal as the original.

Dishonored 2 – release date confirmed

News 04 May 2016 20:40

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed the release date for Dishonored 2. Moreover, we now know the game’s voice cast.

Dishonored 2 – New Info About Anticipated Sequel

News 08 July 2015 14:20

A few weeks after the E3, Arkane Studios delivered new information about Dishonored 2 – the game announced in Los Angeles by Bethesda and a sequel to the 2012 hit first person mix of stealth and action.