Deep Space Settlement

An extensive space strategy that combines elements of 4X and RTS genres. It was developed by Escape Velocity. The action of Deep Space Settlement is set in the future, in which humanity is ferociously looking for new planets to colonize. The players’ task is to establish a colony in a newly discovered corner of the universe and forge it into a true galactic empire. The gameplay mechanics are inspired by typical space 4X strategy games, and our tasks include building a base, extracting and trading raw materials, and establishing diplomatic relations with alien races. The title is distinguished by the fact that battles, in which grand spaceship armadas participate, are fought in real time. Additionally, the gameplay is enriched with a number of randomly generated quests that let us gather experience required to develop skills and new technologies.

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PC / Windows
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Deep Space Settlement

Deep Space Settlement | PC

Deep Space Settlement release date for PC:

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2018 | Worldwide

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Expectations: 8.9 / 10 calculated out of 14 players' votes.  

Deep Space Settlement for PC / Windows is an extensive space strategy game that combines elements of classical 4X titles and popular RTSs. It was developed by Escape Velocity, a Canadian studio founded by Stéphanie Rancourt, a veteran game designer.


The action takes place in the future, when humanity is desperate for new planets to colonize. Commanding a colonizing fleet, we find a place which seems almost perfectly habitable. The planet provides adequate living conditions and is rich in raw materials. Moreover, it is not inhabited by any hostile species. Our task is to establish the first space colony therein and develop it to the level of a true galactic empire.


The gameplay mechanics are similar to the rules of typical 4X space strategies. Our responsibilities include economic and military development of our base, extracting and trading with raw materials, and establishing diplomatic relations with the neighboring races. Of course, our objectives will not always be achievable via peaceful means so waging a number of wars is inevitable. In this aspect, the game strays a bit from the 4X canon by offering dynamical and spectacular battles played in real time, where we will command grand armadas that consist of small vessels as well as huge space cruisers.

The developers give players a lot of freedom in terms of realizing their goals, thanks to which the success can be achieved peacefully, militarily, or economically. The game also has RPG elements, namely the randomly generated quests that let us gather additional experience points. These are used to develop crews’ skills as well as to unlock new technologies and abilities for our fleets. Moreover, the title features considerable customization options for our units and bases.

Game modes

Deep Space Settlement for PC / Windows offers an extensive story mode in which we focus on performing various tasks, developing and defending our base, and conquering new star systems. The lovers of more tranquil types of gameplay can play in the sandbox mode that lets us set our objectives ourselves. The multiplayer mode, in turn, allows us to compete against or cooperate with other players. Another highlight of the game is the fact that it can be modded not only in terms of appearance but also the gameplay mechanics.