A unique MMO game created exclusively for PlayStation 4 users. It is a debut game of the Wild Sheep team, a game developer led by the man behind the Rayman series and Beyond Good & Evil - Michel Ancel. The game takes players 10,000 years in the past, when humans and animals existed in harmony. The game invites the players into an Europe-sized open world where they have to face the danger and survive. The players can start the adventure as either a human or an animal, such as wolf, bird or fish. Wild offers a non-linear gameplay with breathtaking visuals and a dynamic weather system.

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Sony PlayStation 4
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Wild | PS4

Wild release date for PS4:

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TBA | Worldwide

Game mode: massive online multiplayer
Expectations: 8.7 / 10 calculated out of 99 players' votes.  

Wild is a debut MMO game from Wild Sheep Studios, a game developer established by Michael Ancel, the creator of the Rayman series and Beyond Good & Evil. Wild offers a large and open world that players can explore as a human or animal, e.g. a wolf, bear, hawk or shark. The game presents the world that existed 10,000 years ago when people and nature lived in perfect harmony.

Wild gamescom 2014 - trailer

Wild gamescom 2014 - trailer | 2:02

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