A tactical shooter released as a sequel to one of the most popular Battlefield 2 modifications - Project Reality. The game was developed as a commercial version of that mod; however, only part of the original team worked on it. Nevertheless, Squad stayed true to the original concept, focusing mainly on online gameplay, and was designed to be something between an action-packed first-person shooter and a hardcore military simulation. Gameplay is focused on battles of two rivaling teams of players, representing different hostile factions (e.g. the USA and terrorists), with proper teamwork being the key to success. Players can use accurately recreated weapons and vehicles, but also modify battlefields by building all sorts of defensive structures. The game’s landmark feature is its high degree of realism and lack of many modern simplifications.

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Squad is a tactical FPS that puts special emphasis on cooperation and teamwork. The game was developed by the creators of Project Reality - one of the most popular Battlefield 2 modifications. This title was intended as a commercial sequel to that mod, however, after a breakup in the studio, most of its members turned to development of another, more ambitious production.


Despite the turmoil, Squad stays true to the original premises of Project Reality. The developers wanted to make a game that was something between action shooters like Battlefield and realistic military simulations akin to the Arma series. Therefore, the game’s landmark feature became realism, evident in e.g. limited HUD information, advanced ballistics, significantly longer line of sight, as well as authentic bullet range and stopping power. The game features a more realistic health system and a score of elements designed to slow down the pace of action (e.g. longer reloading times).

Combat takes place on large maps of up to 16 square kilometers. Up to 100 people can play together simultaneously, fighting for two rivaling factions out of several available (e.g. the U.S. Army and terrorists). This creates an impression of realism of battlefield, where teamwork is essential, although each player handles a different offensive or defensive task. The developers offer a wide arsenal of weapons, as well as drivable vehicles, such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, planes, and helicopters. Moreover, squad leaders can shape the battlefield e.g. by constructing all sorts of fortifications.


From the technical standpoint, Squad is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, able to provide high quality visual effects. It is noteworthy that all in-game weapons were recreated with utmost attention to details, as were the soldiers' uniforms and equipment.

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W lipcu gra Squad ma wkroczyć w wersję alfa 9.6.

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Early version of Squad is going to arrive at Steam today. The tactical online shooter from the creators of Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 is going to remain in Early Access for about a year.

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Squad will be hitting Steam Early Access on December 15th. Once this tactical shooter from the creators of Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 arrives to Steam the game will be offered for $39.99.

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Squad Development Team shared some news on the standalone version of The Project Reality mode. Squad is going to move onto Steam this month, which will result in more frequent updates.

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A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter for Squad, a realistic FPS in a modern warfare setting. During the first 10 hours, the developers from Offworld Industries managed to raise over CAD 60,000.

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