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Stronghold Next

Another full-fledged installment of Stronghold, a popular strategy game series developed by FireFly since 2001. As always, the game takes us to medieval times, and allows us to assume the role of a lord with a small castle and a poor village at his command. Our job is to grow the area to become a powerful domain. Stronghold Next doesn’t differ much from the previous installments of the series – we are occupied with expanding the village and the titular stronghold, as well as engaging in wars with other lords. However, Stronghold Next contains a number of new elements that have enhanced the gameplay. The game mainly focuses on economic (village management) and military aspects (battles that employ various siege techniques). The players can also design and expand their fortress using a wide range of ready-made elements.

PC / Windows
Game Stronghold Next (PC) cover
Stronghold Next

Stronghold Next | PC

Strategy, Economic, RTS, the middle ages, historical

Companies responsible for Stronghold Next

FireFly Studios | game developer

FireFly Studios | publisher   Official website

Stronghold Next release date for PC:

game language:

TBA | Worldwide

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Expectations: 8.8 / 10 calculated out of 80 players' votes.  

Stronghold Next for PC / Windows is a real-time economic strategy taking place during medieval times. The game was developed by FireFly, the authors of all previous installments of the series.


Stronghold Next takes us to medieval times, and gives us a fief to care for and control. We begin with a poor village and a small castle, while our objective is to use these meager means to build a powerful country.


The game doesn’t deviate from the genre standards, and the gameplay mechanisms were left without major changes. As always, the gameplay focuses on building and expanding new settlements, building bigger and bigger fortresses, and laying sieges to other lords’ dominions. The game mainly focuses on economic and constructions aspects. Castles can be designed at will and constructed from a number of ready-made elements.

Village management also gives us a number of options. We can construct houses, sawmills, markets, farms, etc. i.e. structures that will give our subjects work, food, and money. Of course, the battles are still here – a large emphasis was placed on various siege techniques.

Game Modes

Stronghold Next offers a singleplayer campaign, single historic missions and a sandbox mode, allowing the player to build castles without being constricted with any objectives. Aside from that, authors prepared a multiplayer mode.