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Hardware: Rivals

A sequel to Hardware: Online Arena - a PlayStation 2 game. It is a multiplayer action racing game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The gameplay is based on online duels between the players who control different, armed vehicles. The game offers a wide variety of vehicles that fall into several main categories - each machine has its own different strong and weak spots. As a result, the player has to develop an appropriate tactic for a given vehicle. Hardware: Rivals features an upgrade system, which is a common feature of online gaming. During the gameplay, the player's vehicles earn experience, which allows you to modify and upgrade them, as well as equip the machines with useful gadgets, which are a plenty. There are several diversified game modes available, including both individual and team gameplay variants.

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Sony PlayStation 4
Game Hardware: Rivals (PS4) cover
Hardware: Rivals

Hardware: Rivals | PS4

Hardware: Rivals release date for PS4:

game language:

05 January 2016 | Worldwide

06 January 2016 | Europe PAL

05 January 2016 | USA NTSC

Game mode: single / multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Game score 7.3 / 10 calculated out of 37 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 7.7 / 10 calculated out of 3 players' votes.  

Hardware: Rivals for PlayStation 4 is a multiplayer-focused action game that belongs to a genre known as vehicular combat. The game is a spiritual heir to Hardware: Online Arena released in 2002 on Playstation 2. The older game was one of the first online-only games for that console. Hardware: Rivals was developed by one of the internal teams of Sony Computer Entertainment, comprised of both the older game's fans, and its developers.


The gameplay mechanics are similar to those in the first, installment and other similar games such as Twisted Metal series. Dynamic multiplayer clashes between players sitting behind the wheels of armed vehicles is the essence of the gameplay. The game offers a large number of vehicles divided into categories. Each category has its strong and weak sides - that requires the player to switch between different tactics. For instance, quick and agile rovers are capable of moving swiftly across the map, but these vehicles are more vulnerable in open combat against better-armored vehicles. Conversely, heavy tanks are substantially more durable and have much more firepower, but their mobility is greatly reduced.

Hardware: Rivals for PlayStation 4 features an upgrade system, which is a common mechanism in online games. During the game, the player's vehicles earn experience which can be spent on a multiplicity of upgrades available. The player gradually unlocks the upgrades when progressing in the gameplay.

Game modes

As an online-oriented game, Hardware: Rivals for PlayStation 4 offers a diversity of game modes which come with many maps. The player can seek a solitary challenge, or one requiring a teamwork. Apart from that, there are plenty of in-game events being organized regularly. These offer different kinds of challenges, which often stand out with some original, unusual rules.


In terms of graphics, Hardware: Rivals follows into the footsteps of the original game, but the sequel has a more cartoonish stylistics. Of course, the biggest difference between the two installments lies in the graphics quality. The second installment fully utilizes the console's technological capabilities.

Uses: PlayStation Network