An old-school two-dimensional platformer with elements of stealth. It was created by Hopoo Games, a studio known for Risk of Rain. In the game, the player becomes an embodiment of death itself, coming to Earth to stop an undead invasion. Both the sides of the conflict are a bit unusual, because the Grim Reaper uses knives and firearms instead of a scythe, and as for the undead, they are overly watchful and intelligent - they can even wield pistols and rifles. Deadbolt puts large emphasis on stealth-action gameplay. The protagonist usually dies from a single hit, which forces the players to stay hidden and attack by surprise. This does not mean the game lacks dynamism, because it features a cover system that allows for a fairly effective exchange of fire. Therefore, each of the levels in the game can be completed in multiple ways, depending on the player's preferences.

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PC / Windows
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Deadbolt | PC

Arcade, Stealth, platform, 2D, indie games

Companies responsible for Deadbolt

Hopoo Games | game developer

Hopoo Games | publisher  

Deadbolt release date for PC:

game language:

14 March 2016 | Worldwide

14 March 2016 | Europe

14 March 2016 | USA

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 9.0 / 10 calculated out of 2 players' votes.  

Deadbolt for PC / Windows is a two-dimensional platform game that mingles elements of a stealth-action game and a shooter. The game was developed by Hopoo Games, known for Risk of Rain.


In Deadbolt for PC / Windows we play as a personification of Death that has come to the Earth in order to stop the invasion of the undead. Both the sides of the conflict are a bit unusual, because the Grim Reaper here is a killer who wears a leather jacket and fancies using knives and firearms. As for the undead, they are intelligent, watchful and able to use pistols and rifles.


Deadbolt for PC / Windows is a two-dimensional platform game with a large emphasis put on stealth. The protagonist most frequently dies from a single hit, so the recommended tactic is to remain undetected until we can effectively attack by surprise. The player can for example hide in the shadows, use vents to avoid enemies, or draw their attention by knocking at doors.

All the stealth-oriented abilities the protagonist can benefit from do not mean that the player has to stay low all the time, though. An implemented cover system allows for brutal exchange of fire. The game was designed to feature multiple ways to complete a given level. It is worth mentioning that an aggressive playing style is applicable for those with good reflexes.

The campaign consists of over thirty levels and the high level of difficulty stands out. During the playthrough, the player can gather more than thirty weapon types, including the inherent scythe. All of these deadly toys can be used against thirty-five enemy types. The most common opponent here is a zombie, but one can also encounter vampires, and a wide range of powerful bosses.


The game has ordinary two-dimensional graphics that display substantial amount of brutality. The soundtrack was composed by Chris Christodoulou - the person responsible for the OST of Risk of Rain as well.

Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

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