Project Elea

A science fiction adventure game developed by Kyodai. The developers were inspired by the works of Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, and Stanisław Lem. The player assumes the role of Catherine Jones; the heroine is on a space journey aboard the Pilgrimage II ship when she unexpectedly loses consciousness. Having awakened, she discovers that the vessels is abandoned, while Kazumi, the on-board artificial intelligence, is damaged and trying to take complete control of the ship. The protagonist has to face not only the aggressive program by thwarting its authoritarian inclinations, but also her own weaknesses and tragic memories. The gameplay of Project Elea is based on exploring futuristic locations and solving various environmental puzzles that involve primarily manipulating the ship's systems. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which provides high-quality three-dimensional graphics. The title supports VR headsets as an option.

PC / Windows
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Project Elea

Project Elea | PC

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Game mode: single player
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Project Elea is a science fiction exploration adventure game for PC / Windows inspired by classical SF literature of the 20th century and the works of such writers as Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, and Stanisław Lem. The title was designed to support VR headsets (e.g. Oculus Rift) and was developed by an independent Bulgarian studio, Kyodai Ltd., employing people, who previously worked on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed: Rogue.


In the game, we assume the role of a space adventurer named Catherine “Elea” Jones who, during one of her travels, unexpectedly loses consciousness in her cabin. Having awakened, the protagonist discovers that the Pilgrimage II spaceship on the board of which she traveled has become completely deserted, while the artificial intelligence that governs it, Kazumi, is damaged. Wading through subsequent corridors, control rooms, and other parts of the ship, Elea has to find out what happened and outsmart the aforementioned AI that tries to take control of the ship in a rather aggressive manner. With progress, it will turn out that the entire affair has roots in the protagonist’s memories and her personal tragedy that she will eventually need to face.


Mechanics-wise, Project Elea falls under the popular (especially among productions meant for VR headsets) exploration adventure game genre which puts emphasis on the narrative layer and a deep, multi-threaded plot. The gameplay is focused mostly on exploration, solving puzzles, finding key clues, and manipulating various onboard systems in order to restore control over the ship. As we progress, we learn new fragments of the story that shed more light on the complicated situation of the heroine.

Technical aspects

Project Elea for PC / Windows is powered by Unreal Engine 4 that guarantees high-quality graphics which is complemented by dark and claustrophobic atmosphere for the game. Besides being developed primarily to work with VR headsets, the title is also available in a traditional version.