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UnReal World

An old-school roguelike RPG with survival elements, developed by Enormous Elk – a studio composed of just two people. Before the official release, the game has been systematically developed and updated for a long period of 26 years. The action of UnReal World takes place during the Iron Age in a northern region of Europe that corresponds to the territory of modern Finland. There is no plot – it is a typical roguelike life simulator, offering freedom in shaping the fate of our hero, who can take up many professions or combine their selected elements. While traveling through the procedurally generated lands, one of the game’s key aspects becomes survival and the necessity to satisfy the character's basic needs, like water, food, clothing, or shelter. The game is characterized by high levels of realism, a turn-based combat system, tactical complexity, and extensive character progression system that offers hundreds of various abilities.

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PC / Windows
Game UnReal World (PC) Cover
UnReal World

UnReal World | PC

RPG, turn-based, roguelike, survival, historical

Companies responsible for UnReal World

Enormous Elk | game developer

Enormous Elk | publisher   Official website

UnReal World release date for PC:

game language:

26 February 2016 | Worldwide

26 February 2016 | Europe

26 February 2016 | USA

Game mode: single player
Game score 9.0 / 10 calculated out of 141 players' votes.  

UnReal World for PC / Windows is a roguelike survival RPG. The development studio called Enormous Elk is composed of just two people – Sami Maaranen and Erkka Lehmus. These two are responsible for this project which has been developed for 26 years before the official release.


The action of UnReal World takes place during the late Iron Age in Far North – the land of today’s Finland. Since it’s a roguelike life simulator, there is no plot – you are given full freedom when it comes to shaping the fate and career of the hero.


UnReal World released on PC / Windows is a roguelike RPG concentrating on elements of survival. The game depicts the way people lived during the Iron Age. You can choose one of nine cultures for you character and the choice affects the hero’s potential and knowledge of the world. The game does not limit the character’s actions in any way – you can be a fisherman, a lone wolf avoiding other people, an adventure seeker, a hunter, a trapper, a tradesman, or you can combine different aspects of different professions. The authors have put an emphasis on realism, both in gameplay and the historical reality. While travelling through randomly generated lands, your priority is to survive. During play you can e.g. track wild game, set traps, hunt, skin animals, trade in villages, craft objects, and build temporary or permanent shelters. The game utilises a skill-based system that includes hundreds of skills. Combat, however, is turn-based and offers a high level of tactical complexity. Interestingly, there is no life bar. Instead, the game simulates wounds and injuries, starting with bruises and ending with broken bones – all of this affects the hero’s behaviour. Moreover, UnReal World offers a high level of realism – the script responsible for the procedural generation of this world makes sure that it is filled with realistic quantity and diversity of animals and plants.

Age Rating

age requirements: 12+

UnReal World trailer

UnReal World trailer | 3:30

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