Shadow Of Nebula

A science fiction point-and-click adventure being a debut project by the Polish studio Bisonia. The action of Shadow Of Nebula takes place in 3102 – after finding an alien spaceship and reverse engineering its technology, humans have created intelligent nanobots. However, the temptation to use them for wrong purposes was too strong, so their creator decided to destroy every document concerning information about nanobots. During gameplay you assume the role of a man who makes his living from working as a Space Courier. He crash lands on an abandoned planet and while trying to survive and looking for a way out, he learns that this is the place where the documents were hidden. Mechanically, this is a classic adventure game with emphasis on exploring, collecting items, and solving puzzles. There is also a parallel virtual reality and all actions taken there affect the real world.

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PC / Windows
Game Shadow Of Nebula (PC) Cover
Shadow Of Nebula

Shadow Of Nebula | PC

Adventure, science fiction, point-and-click

Companies responsible for Shadow Of Nebula

Bisonia | game developer

Bisonia | publisher   Official website

Shadow Of Nebula release date for PC:

game language:

2018 | Worldwide

2018 | Europe

2018 | USA

Game mode: single player
Expectations: 8.0 / 10 calculated out of 1 players' votes.  

Published on PC / Windows, Shadow Of Nebula is a traditional adventure with point’n’click interface. This commercial debut project is developed by Bisonia studio from Poland.


The action takes place in 3102. Humans have the technology enabling them to space travel and spread around the galaxy. While expanding to new territories, humans discover an abandoned alien ship. The vessel carrieds devices that enable people to create nanobots which could not only heal almost every disease, but also influence one’s mind. As the temptation for using nanobots for wrong purposes was too strong, the discoverer of the technology destroyed all documents about it and hid the last nanobot models on an abandoned planet in a distant area near the Milky Way.

You assume the role of a Space Courier. His ship gets damaged during a fight with pirates and he is forced to crash land on an abandoned planet. Now his priority is to survive and mend his ship, but soon he finds out that his presence on this planet is not coincidental – this is where the remains of the nanobot technology are hidden.


Shadow Of Nebula released on PC / Windows is a classic adventure. During gameplay you explore, collect items, and solve puzzles. You will also spend a considerable amount of time on chatting with NPCs, as the title features an extensive dialogue system.

There is also a parallel, virtual reality. All actions taken in the cyberspace affect the real world, which can be useful while solving puzzles. Moreover, the title features a special hint system that will aid the less experienced players.

Shadow Of Nebula Early Access trailer

Shadow Of Nebula Early Access trailer | 1:15

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