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Dead Secret

A horror first-person perspective detective adventure game developed by Robot Invader studio led by Chris Pruett, a man known for his love of the horror genre. The story of Dead Secret takes place in the 60s. During the game player assumes the role of a journalist who is trying to solve the mystery of the death of an eccentric professor, exploring the rooms of his mansion and gathering various items, hidden documents, evidence, and clues. What makes the situation even more interesting is the fact that all of the player’s actions are observed by the murderer hiding somwhere in the mansion and meeting him could end in sudden death. Robot Invader’s production was released both in traditional version and in one that is compatible with most popular virtual reality sets.

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PC / Windows
Game Dead Secret (PC) Cover
Dead Secret

Dead Secret | PC

Dead Secret release date for PC:

game language:

28 March 2016 | Worldwide

28 March 2016 | Europe

28 March 2016 | USA

Game mode: single player

Sony PlayStation 4
Game Dead Secret (PS4) Cover
Dead Secret

Dead Secret | PS4

Dead Secret release date for PS4:

game language:

2018 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player

Dead Secret is a PlayStation 4 FPP adventure horror game. It was developed by Robot Invader, previously known for mobile games, and lead by Chris Pruett – commonly recognized by his passion for themes of fear. The project was initiated on 2013, but after some work, it was dropped. With the development of the VR technology, Pruett came back to the idea, and started making it compatible with VR goggles such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or PlayStation VR.


The action is set in the USA during 1960s. The protagonist is a journalist trying to solve the mysterious death of professor Harris Bullard – an eccentric loner. According to the police, he died of natural causes, but the truth is totally different, and a gloomy secret from the past seems to be involved in his death. Unfortunately, it was taken to the grave along with its owner, and some people want to keep it that way. The task is to solve it, before we become another dead body.


Dead Secret mixes features of a standard detective-adventure game with popular Japanese horror games. During the game, we roam through the mansion of the murdered professor, collecting different items, hidden documents, evidence, and traces. We can also utilize professor’s bizarre inventions, allowing to penetrate deepest reaches of human subconsciousness. The further we’re in the game, the more pieces of the shady puzzle we have, which brings us closer to knowing the truth. The game isn’t based on relaxed exploration only: our actions are observed by a murderer hidden in the mansion: confrontation with him means death of the protagonist. The game has five different endings, which depend on our capabilities as detectives and the decisions we make.

Technical aspects

Dead Secret for PlayStation 4 doesn’t actually stand out with its graphics, though the locations are rather detailed, and the whole game is set in a gloomy and uneasy atmosphere. The fact that the game was first published in a regular version (without the VR support) is should be noted, although, when it was released, the VR edition was free-of-charge for everyone who already owned the game.