An action game developed by the independent developer Team Mordhau. The players assume the role of medieval knights and take part in online duels to the death. The characteristic feature of Mordhau is incredibly elaborate combat system that lets us execute precise strikes, slow down and feint attacks. Moreover, we can personalize our armor and weapons to our liking. What’s interesting, the armor our avatar wears affects his mobility — for example, a light armor provides less protection from damage but lets us perform fast dodges. The production was designed solely with multiplayer mode in mind and is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which provides high-quality graphics.

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PC / Windows
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Mordhau | PC

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Game mode: multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Expectations: 8.4 / 10 calculated out of 20 players' votes.  

Mordhau is an online first-person action game for PC / Windows that focuses on melee weapon combat. The production is set in the middle ages and was developed by Team Mordhau. The title is a reference to a German technique of fighting with a Mordhau sword that involves gripping the sword by the blade and using the crossguard to strike blows.


The game’s mechanics draw inspiration from the solutions of such production as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare or For Honor. The gameplay boils down to participating in battles of virtual knights from all around the world and is based on very complex combat system that not only lets us strike precise blows to specific body parts but also to feint attacks in order to provoke the opponent to perform a desired maneuver.

The advanced customization system is an important feature of Mordhau. We can personalize not only the warrior himself but also the equipment he uses. Moreover, the players can create their own weapons and armor with the use of the extensive sets of available parts. Thanks to this, everyone can have their individual fighting style based on their own preferences. However, it must be remembered that equipment’s parameters have an influence on our mobility — for example, while a heavy armor will provide a much better protection against attacks, it will also reduce our movement speed.

Game modes

Morhau for PC / Windows is meant only for online play and offers a wide range of game modes, including the classical Deathmatch (individual and team variants).

Technical aspects

Team Mordhau’s production was initially being built on the popular Unity 5 engine. As the development progressed, the studio decided to move to Unreal Engine 4 which provides better technical possibilities and graphics.