A real-time strategy taking place in a fantasy universe inspired by Nordic mythology and the Viking way of life. Northgard allows the players to lead a group of Vikings, who after years of tedious exploration have found a mysterious, resource-rich land. To attain their goal of fame and fortune, they will have to face numerous dangers scattered across the new land. Northgard’s gameplay is based on classic real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, or The Settlers. Aside from resource gathering, building settlements, and battles with dozens of units, the game introduces survival elements - the player receives the duty of keeping his clan safe through long, frosty winters. The clan will be facing bloodthirsty wolves, undead warriors, and various mythical creatures, including giants, with whom we can create an alliance. Northgard employs 3D graphics with a light, cartoonish design, while the game itself is seen from an isometric perspective.

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PC / Windows
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Northgard | PC

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March 2018 | Worldwide

Expectations: 7.4 / 10 calculated out of 71 players' votes.  

Northgard for PC / Windows is a real-time strategy taking place in a fantasy universe inspired by Nordic mythology. The game was developed by Shiro Games, an independent studio previously known for Evoland, an original series of action-adventure games.


The plot of the game tells a story about a group of wiking explorers, who after years of tedious journeys discover a mysterious, resource-rich land called Northgard. The most courageous of the sailors quickly decided to explore it, wanting to bring fame and glory to their gods and clans, and become a part of history. However, before they can return to their homes, the group will have to face the numerous dangers awaiting them in the new world.


Northgard’s gameplay was inspired by classic real-time strategy games series such as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, or The Settlers. The developers didn’t limit themselves to replaying typical genre staples like resource gathering, settlement expansion, and group on group combat. As the action of the game takes place in far north, Shiro Games decided to introduce survival elements: one of our objectives is to care for our clan’s safety and survival during long and frosty winters. The list of our enemies is also more in a shape of a fantasy game: bloodthirsty wolves, undead warriors, and a wide range of mythical creatures, including mighty giants with whom we can become friendly with, or if this doesn’t work out, proceed with the only proper solution – combat.

Technical Aspects

Northgard is complemented by detailed 3D graphics with a light comic-book design, and employs an isometric camera. Certain design choices and the game’s light-heartness may evoke the latest installments of The Settlers series.

Northgard early access trailer

Northgard early access trailer | 1:19

Northgard, strategia czasu rzeczywistego osadzona w magicznym świecie wikingów, 22 lutego zadebiutowała w wersji z wczesnym dostępem.

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Creators of Evoland are working on Northgard, a real-time strategy about Vikings. The game is due on PC this year.

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92% of positive reviews on Steam is not a matter of coincidence. Northgard is a successful Early Access that should be a real treat for all fans of economic strategies.