Riders of Icarus

An epic fantasy MMORPG developed by WeMade Entertainment with Nexon. The game’s plot is not an original one, and tells the story of a group of warriors fighting against an ancient evil that grew stronger having spent long years in slumber, and now threatens the entire world. The title doesn’t deviate from typical features of the genre, and the fun boils down mainly to exploration and performing quests that involve fighting various opponents. The biggest highlight of Riders of Icarus is the possibility of taming and riding many mythical beasts of different abilities. With time, the animal not only becomes our devoted friend but also a real killing machine that, depending on its unique traits, can fight alongside us or be our mount (a land or a flying one). This introduces a rather rare element of aerial combat to the genre. It is also an important part of an extensive combo-based combat system.

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PC / Windows
Game Riders of Icarus (PC) Cover
Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus | PC

RPG, TPP, fantasy, play for free, PvP, PvE, MMORPG, network, MMO, action RPG

Companies responsible for Riders of Icarus

WeMade Entertainment | game developer

Nexon Inc. | publisher   Official website

Riders of Icarus release date for PC:

game language:

06 July 2016 | Worldwide

06 July 2016 | Europe

06 July 2016 | USA

Game mode: massive online multiplayer , multiplayer mode: Internet
Game score 8.2 / 10 calculated out of 140 players' votes.  
Expectations before the premiere: 10 / 10 calculated out of 1 players' votes.  

Riders of Icarus for PC / Windows is an epic fantasy MMORPG which main highlight is the possibility of taming and mounting many mythical beasts of varied abilities. The title is free-to-play for PC / Windows and was developed by WeMade Entertainment and the creators of many popular MMOs, Nexon.


Similarly to most Asian MMORPG, the plot of Riders of Icarus is not too extensive, being just an excuse for the gameplay. We are taken to a vast fantasy land of open structure in the center of which is the monumental city of Hakanas. While playing, players assume the role of warriors that use progressively tamed and trained beasts to face an ancient evil that reawakened after years in slumber and gradually grows stronger, posing a threat to the entire humanity.


As far as the general premise is concerned, Riders of Icarus is a classical third-person MMORPG. The gameplay itself combines adventure elements with dynamic action. Starting out, we assume the role of a warrior we have created. The character can belong to several classes, such as Berserker, Guardian, Priest, Assassin, or Wizard—naturally, each one offers not only a different appearance but also unique skills and preferred fighting style. While playing, we mostly explore the land and perform quests that mainly boil down to combating hordes of enemies. As we progress, we gain gold and experience which allow us to develop our character and equip it with increasingly better equipment.

The main distinguishing feature of Riders of Icarus for PC / Windows is the fact that the aforementioned bests that fight alongside humans are just as important as player characters. Among tens of different species, we can fight both those more animalistic, such as powerful bears or wild cats, as well as a wide variety of mythical creatures, including giant, fire-breathing dragons. Every beast that we encounter can be tamed and then trained, thanks to which, in time, not only does it become our devoted friend but also a real killing machine that possess powerful and varied special abilities. Depending on the specifics of a given beast, it can simply fight alongside but also be mounted. Flying creatures introduce an incredibly rare element in the MMORPG genre which is air combat. It is a part of an incredibly extensive combo-based combat system.

Game modes

As far as game modes are concerned, Riders of Icarus does not deviate from the typical features of the genre. The players that like to play solo can devote their time to performing story quests in the PvE mode, although there is a myriad of opportunities to fight powerful bosses which require not only an adequate tactics to be defeated but also a strict cooperation between several players. The title also features a PvP mode that lets us fight epic battles on the back of our mounts, including the flying ones.

Technical aspects

Contrary to many budget Asian MMORPGs, Riders of Icarus for PC / Windows boasts an impressive, fully three-dimensional graphics powered by CryEngine 3. The title can successively compete with many Western AAA action RPGs, although visually it clearly is an Asian production. Riders of Icarus is available in the free-to-play business model which is typical to Nexon. Naturally, the game offers numerous additional packets that provide us with useful bonuses and bigger customization options but purchasing them won’t give us any meaningful advantage over other players.

Age Rating

age requirements: 16+

System requirements

Recommended: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce 460 GTX/Radeon HD 6870 or better, 30 GB HDD, Windows 7 SP1
Minimum: Intel Core i3-2120 3.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce 260 GTX/Radeon HD 7670 or better, 30 GB HDD, Windows Vista SP2

Riders of Icarus game overview

Riders of Icarus game overview | 3:51

Omówienie podstawowych mechanizmów rozgrywki w Riders of Icarus, azjatyckiej grze MMORPG w realiach fantasy. Istotnym wyróżnikiem produkcji jest fakt, że podczas zabawy możemy oswajać i dosiadać całego szeregu mitycznych bestii, na czele ze smokami.