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The debut of a French developer known as Too Kind. The game is a two-dimensional platformer and was funded on Kickstarter. The plot in Pankapu was divided into two branches. On one hand, the game tells a story of the brave warrior Pankapu - as told by a father reading this story to his child, Jaha'rell. The actual gameplay is rooted in that story, for the player assumes the role of said warrior, who was created by the god of dreams in order to eradicate the nightmares invading this world. On the other hand, the player gets acquainted with a dark story of Jaha'rell, though in this case, the player does not have any direct influence on the course of events. In terms of the mechanics, the game is a classic action-platformer, requiring the player to explore subsequent locations, avoid various traps and fight nightmares. The protagonist's main weapon is a sword, but Pankapu can also transform, gaining access to unique attacks.

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PC / Windows
Game Pankapu (PC) cover

Pankapu | PC

Pankapu release date for PC:

game language:

21 September 2016 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player

Sony PlayStation 4
Game Pankapu (PS4) cover

Pankapu | PS4

Pankapu release date for PS4:

game language:

19 September 2017 | Worldwide

20 September 2017 | Europe PAL

Game mode: single player

Nintendo Wii U
Game Pankapu (WiiU) cover

Pankapu | WiiU

Arcade, platform, 2D, crowdfunding

Companies responsible for Pankapu

Too Kind Studio | game developer

Plug In Digital | publisher   Official website

Pankapu release date for WiiU:

game language:

canceled | Worldwide

Game mode: single player

Microsoft XBOX ONE
Game Pankapu (XONE) cover

Pankapu | XBOX ONE

Pankapu release date for XBOX ONE:

game language:

20 September 2017 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player

Pankapu for PC / Windows is a two-dimensional platformer game financed via Kickstarter. Pankapu was created by Too Kind - a small French studio; the game is their first project. Plug In Digital Label (a branch of Plug In Digital) took on the role of the publisher - their goal is to support independent developers.


Pankapu offers the player with two storylines. On one hand, the player deals here with a fairytale about the brave Pankapu - a father reads the story for his son Jaha'rell. The player assumes the role of the warrior mentioned, who was created by the god of dreams. The protagonist's goal is to get rid of the nightmares haunting a world known as Omnia. On the other hand, the player gets acquainted with a story of Jaha'rell meanwhile, which is far darker. In this other case however, the player has no direct influence on the course of events one simply observes the story as it unfolds.


Pankapu for PC / Windows is a standard 2D action platformer. The player is taken to a fantasy world filled with different threats. Fortunately however, the protagonist is not unarmed and they can fight nightmares (different bats and other creatures) in many ways. Sword is the most basic weapon here, but Pankapu can quickly transform into an archer for instance. Thus the player can adapt to different situations swiftly. Particular body forms give access to unique attacks.

Combat is only part of any decent platformer game, thus the player is required to avoid different traps here, such as spikes on the ground or pits. Also, the game features different secrets waiting to be discovered.

Technical aspects

In order to make the experience as much fairytale in reception as it was possible, atmospheric visuals had been implemented thus the game resembles stories for younger children. Omnia is a bright world filled with different colors as a result, and the player is taken to a variety of locations. Gameplay as such here is complemented by a soundtrack created by Ganae and Hiroki Kikuta.


Initially, Pankapu was released in the form of episodes and for PCs only. Later onwards, the full version came out both for PCs and consoles.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone

System requirements

Minimum: Dual Core 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB GeForce 8800 GT or better, Windows Vista