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Epistory: Typing Chronicles

An action-adventure game with metroidvania features. The player assumes the role of a muse, one of the goddesses of fine arts from the Greek mythology – the main protagonist is tasked with finding inspiration for the female writer who asked her for help in writing a new book. In order to complete this objective, the protagonist will travel through a fantasy, fairy-tale world, face various dangers and solve numerous environmental riddles. What makes Epistory – Typing Chronicles unique in comparison to other games are the mechanics based on the player typing specific words on the keyboard. By doing so the player can fight the encountered enemies, cast elemental spells and interact with the game world. The game was developed in many language versions and varied difficulty levels allow us to choose the appropriate complication level of words and endurance of the opponents. The game has a nicely looking graphics – the character models, enemies and surrounding elements look as if they were made of paper. The title features an original, fairytale-like soundtrack.

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PC / Windows
Game Epistory: Typing Chronicles (PC) cover
Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Epistory: Typing Chronicles | PC

Adventure, fantasy, adventure elements, text, action RPG

Companies responsible for Epistory: Typing Chronicles

Fishing Cactus | game developer

Plug In Digital | publisher   Official website

Epistory: Typing Chronicles release date for PC:

game language:

30 March 2016 | Worldwide

Game mode: single player

Epistory Typing Chronicles for PC / Windows is a title developed by Fishing Cactus a team that created, among others, Shifting World. The game is an action adventure title in which the player is exploring a fairy world filled with dangers to defeat and riddles to solve. What makes the game original are unusual mechanics based on typing.


The story of Epistory Typing Chronicles for PC / Windows focuses on a muse a young girl who travels through colorful, fairy realm. The protagonist was asked by a female writer for an inspiration to her new book this made her travel to a fictional, fairy world. The surrounding at first is just an empty page, but after some time (and successes of the player) it becomes filled with plants, dangerous creatures and mysterious places with riddles.


The action is shown from an isometric perspective and at first glance the game looks like a typical action-adventure title with action RPG features. The player is traveling through fairy, colorful world, including dungeons filled with dangers and fantasy buildings. On his way he encounters dangerous creatures which he must face. The female protagonist can use four elemental-based spells that are useful not only during the fights. Similarly as in metroidvania games, they can also unlock new, previously unavailable places.

The gameplay mechanics of PC / Windows version of Epistory Typing Chronicles are its most interesting feature. In difference to other similar games, the protagonist is controlled only by using the keyboard. E, F, J and I keys are used for controlling the character (however, one can also choose to use the traditional WASD) and all other activities are performed by typing specific words. This mechanic is used for fighting the enemies, solving the environmental riddles and interacting with the game world. The word required at a specific point is displayed on the screen, forcing the player to quickly type on the keyboard.

A few difficulty levels are available in the game they determine the length and complicity of the words and the resistance of the opponents. The game offers various language versions.

Technical aspects

Epistory Typing Chronicles for PC / Windows has colorful, simplified graphics. Both the surroundings and characters and monsters look as if they were made of paper, which makes the visuals interesting. The game has original, fairy soundtrack.

Age Rating

age requirements: everyone