Train Simulator 2017

Another installment in the railway-themed simulation game series, whose consecutive releases have been developed by Dovetail Games since 2009. Train Simulator 2017 is based on the same technology that powered the previous game. The biggest innovation are the four new routes: players can drive across Germany (between Lubeck and Hamburg), the United States (New York – New Jersey), France (Marseille Saint Charles to Avignon TGV), and the Great Britain (Bristol – Cardiff). Moreover, Train Simulator 2017 offers new locomotives, spearheaded by TGV Duplex, DB BR 218, and NJ TRANSIT ALP-45DP. Just as it was previously, the new game is fully compatible with Steam Workshop, therefore fans are free to create their own content and share it with the entire community. As always, the core gameplay element in Train Simulator 2017 is the career mode, which lets you take part in several dozen diverse scenarios.

PC / Windows
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Train Simulator 2017

Train Simulator 2017 | PC

Train Simulator 2017 release date for PC:

game language:

15 September 2016 | Worldwide

15 September 2016 | Europe

15 September 2016 | USA

Game mode: single player

Train Simulator 2017 is another installment in a popular series of railway-themed simulation games from Dovetail Games. The game was released on PC / Windows in several editions. Owners of the previous games got a free update to the 2017 edition, however, this did not include new routes these have been added to the Standard Edition of Train Simulator 2017 or the limited Pioneers Edition (which also granted access to Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul beta). Moreover, those who had previously purchased content included in Train Simulator 2017 (e.g. a route or two), get a corresponding discount for the Standard or Pioneers Edition.


Gameplay mechanics in Train Simulator 2017 are not so different from those in the previous installments. This is an advanced simulation game, in which you take control over various types of trains, and transport passengers to different locations all around the world. Innovations are mostly about routes the game offers four new railroads. Players can drive across Germany between Lubeka and Hamburg in DB BR 218 locomotive. In North America you can speed in the modern NJ TRANSIT ALP-45DP all the way from New York to New Jersey. In France you drive between Marseille to Avignon in TGV Duplex, while in The Great Britain you drive Arriva Trains Wales Class 175 between Bristol and Cardiff.

Of course, this is just the beginning, since the series is known from letting the players expand the content with various add-ons. The biggest fans can spend extra money for new routes, trains, and scenarios.

Technical aspects

Train Simulator 2017 on PC / Windows is based on the same technology as Train Simulator 2016, hence there is no difference in the graphics between the two games. On the other hand, the new edition features Steam Workshop support, where we can find missions and routes prepared by other players using the official editor.

System requirements

Minimum: Dual Core 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphic card 1 GB GeForce GTX 560 or better, 40 GB HDD, Windows 7 64-bit

Train Simulator 2017 The Art of Precision

Train Simulator 2017 The Art of Precision | 1:25